Karatbars Gold – Credit/Debit Card & Bank Wire Tutorial

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Buying Gold With Karatbars International

Buying gold from Karatbars International is simple and straightforward using your credit card, debit card or bank wire transfer.

In the video I explain how easy, safe and secure this process is with Karatbars.

You can login and buy as much or as little gold as you like as often as you like. Karatbars does not have any fee’s , subscriptions or charges so making your gold purchase is straightforward.


If you follow these steps you should have no problem with your transactions.

1. Call the number on the card you are using and ask them if 3d secure or verified by visa has been activated on that card. If your card does not have this security feature you cannot use it.

You need to use a different card or the bank wore process.

2. Ask the card company to ensure that they let your payment go through. Karatbars will not block your payment but banks often do. If they say they have unblocked it and it still doesn’t go through call them back and ask them to check.

sometimes even after they say they have unblocked the card their security system will still block it!

3. So now you know you have 3d secure or verified by visa activated you can log into the Karatbars website. When using the website I recommend that you only use Google chrome and on a pc/laptop.

4. Go to product purchase, choose your products and go through the checkout process. If you are asked for a bonus card number and you do not have one please get in touch with your sponsor or brian@globalgoldbullion.com as we have them.

5. If your purchase does not go through in a few minutes it most likely has not. You need to go to the “my gold” section and click on “invoices”
There you will see a pending invoice which you need to cancel. Once you have done that you can start again.

If it doesn’t go through the second time please contact brian for help.


Bank Wire…

This is the same as using a card up to the checkout point. When you choose bank wire as a payment option a pdf will be generated with a reference number.

You need to print off this document and either take it to your bank or use it to do your online transfer.

There are a number of banks you can wire the money and these are on the pdf with IBan numbers etc.

When choosing bank wire an open invoice will be present in the invoices section which Karatbars accounts will be able to see.

When the money arrives in the Karatbars bank account they will cross check it with your open invoice and allocate the gold or products to you.

If you have sent too much money Karatbars will credit this to your account or if you have sent too little they will inform you by email and give you options on how to pay the difference.

The important thing to remember is that buying gold with Karatbars International is simple and straightforward and there will always be someone available to help you if you need it.

Security is heightened on your first purchase for your own security but once you have made your first purchase it will be much easier going forward.

Business partners can also use the Karatbars Mastercard which has extremely low transaction fees.

Don’t forget you can have your gold stored for free for as long as you wish if you don’t want it delivered to your home.

If you need any help making your first gold purchase please get in touch on any of the channels below.



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