Your Top Five Questions Answered

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Since I joined Karatbars in 2013 I have been asked a lot of questions so I have decided to do a a post on the top five!

Q1. Is it expensive to buy gold from Karatbars International? 

A1. No. You cannot buy the same quality of gold in the same denominations with the same features at a better price. 90% of people you talk to think they can.

If you buy a Ford and I buy a Ferrari you get a ford price when you try to sell it again. A Ford does not have the benefits or features of a Ferrari. Most people don’t understand the differences between buying a 1gram Karatbars and buying 1gram of gold online and thats fine…

99% of the worlds population have never touched 999.9 24kt gold so how could they understand?
Which is why we ask people to watch the video and NEVER try to explain it first!

One is a gram of gold.. the other is a Karatbar!

Q2. How much does it cost to become a Business Partner/ Affiliate with Karatbars? 

A.2 – Nothing – Anyone in 120 countries can share their free replicated website and earn cash commissions when one of their referrals buys. Buying a marketing package is completely optional BUT if you do buy one you WILL have brochures, gold, products to show people and chances are you will be a more successful business person. Marketing Packages range from €125 to €2000 as a one off cost.

If I take into consideration  how much I have made in commissions I would gladly pay €50,000 for my VIP Package if I had to buy it again.

It took me two months to earn back my package cost with Karatbars. I pay no monthly fee’s and everything I earn I keep.

Q3. What skills do you need to become a successful business partner/affiliate? 

A3. NONE – The less skills you have the better. We ask people to watch a presentation at . It does the explaining/selling/answering questions..not you.

We currently have 240 million people we need to ask in the USA and about 50 million in the British Isles and we are in 117 other countries. If someone can say/write/sign the words…

“If I gave you the link to an online presentation would you take a look and tell me what you think?”

….That person can become a very very successful business partner/affiliate. If they do have more questions I take over, will help them register, get started and train them.
Sales is 90% attitude and 10% aptitude. The task is simple, repeating it over a period of time is difficult, listening to negativity is difficult, staying focused is difficult.

My support desk runs 24/7 for that reason. Being a friend, a mentor, a coach is what you need most and what I offer my team.

Q4. Where can I find customers and business partners? 

A4. Anywhere – I have over 9000 people in my organisation in 100+ countries so it is easy for me to give you a breakdown. It is anyone everyone and i’ve never seen a market this big for one business.

Unemployed people can start Karatbars with no money. People who want extra income can do it part time. People who want a full time business that can earn them 100K+ a year buy a VIP and start building. (€2000 is cheaper than a Subway Franchise and Karatbars is much less hassle to run!)

Some customers by one Christmas card a year, some buy birthday cards, some are business/sports clients who buy branded cards.  Some people buy €50 of gold a month for their retirement, some buy €5000 per month of 5 gram cards because that’s their disposable income.
People who can buy ounces and kilos still buy Karatbars because they are easier to store and can be spilt and sold easier than bigger pieces.

Moral of the story… Anyone over the age of 18 in 120 countries can and should become a Karatbars customer. Show everyone the presentation and let them decide which part is for them.

Your country or currency makes no difference…8.4% – 13.9% average since 2001
Q5. Why should I buy gold? 

A5 – Lots of reasons.

  • Gold holds its value/purchasing power. An ounce today buys the same as it did 100, 1000 or 2000 years ago.
  • You will earn little or no interest having money in a bank.
  • If there is an economic collapse money paper money is worth nothing.
  • If the internet goes off your bank card is worth nothing.
  • In 2001, £100 would buy you x amount of goods… you need £157 today to buy the same goods. (Money evaporates due to inflation)
  • Since 2001 gold has given an average return of 11% a year in USD or 13% a year in STG
  • You can buy gold from as little as €50 without a credit check.
  • You don’t need to be an expert to buy it.
  • Karatbars will store it for free.
  • It is very easy to hide/store/spilt up.
  • It doesn’t need maintaining or fixing
  • You cannot damage or destroy it… If your house burns down your gold will still be as it was.
  • Gold is easy to sell in ANY country in the world.
  • Physical gold ownership means you don’t need to worry about government or private pensions not paying.
  • Gold can be your savings plan, your pension plan, your nest egg.
  • Many experts are predicting gold to go to $5000 or even $10,000 per ounce.


The point to remember is that for the first time 999.9, 24kt gold is affordable and easily  accessible to the masses via Karatbars. Not just the 1% of people who can afford ounces or kilos.

I joined Karatbars to make €100K a year in commissions and to put 10% of it away into gold for my pension. When i’m 60 Ill turn it into whatever the currency is at that time.. in whatever country I happen to be in!

I wasn’t interested in MlM, health foods, drinks, potions or lotions and have no time for Forex, Cyclers, revshares or prelaunches… My background was retail, finance and property so Karatbars was a great fit for my interests.

Everyone has a different reason for buying gold and joining Karatbars. That’s what makes it such an exciting business. It is my personal mission to help as many people experience financial freedom through Karatbars as possible.

There are many other questions I am asked about Karatbars and I answer these in my daily updates at

Getting ready for September

The beginning of August is always quite in direct sales but it really is the calm before the storm as September/October/November are always huge months. If you are thinking about becoming a business partner do it now as your marketing package will take two weeks to reach your home.

I am working through August so feel free to get in touch with me on any of the numbers below or by email. I have discount cards for gold and packages if anyone needs them.

Have a great end to your week…


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