Karatbars Gold Customer Review – August 2016

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Before Karatbars International buying gold was not something the general public did! In fact 99% of the worlds population have never held 999.9 pure gold in their hands.

Buying gold on the markets is not buying real gold… just digital receipts for gold.

Buying gold from dealers can be daunting as you don’t know if the gold is real or not.

The biggest issue with buying gold is that it has always been packaged in such a way thay 99% of the worlds population can’t afford it. Normally the smallest amount you can buy is an ounce and that costs over $1300 / £1000


Karatbars International is the simple solution. Now anyone in 120 countries can buy 999.9 pure gold bullion from 0.1gram up to 5gram weights which makes it affordable to everyone.

Karatbars give customers a free account so they can buy whenever they like. There are no sigh up costs, fees or subscriptions and storage is also free.

If customers don’t want to use the free storage option they can have their gold delivered to their home from as little as one gram.

Deliveries are all carried out by Fedex Insured courier and Karatbars International are Fedexs largest customer in Germany!


The most important thing to remember about Karatbars International is that they have been doing this successfully for six years.

Karatbars is tried and tested which is why you can buy your gold safely and securely.

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