Traffic Monsoon Scam Shut Down By SEC

$207 MIllion Traffic Monsoon Ponzi Scheme Revealed

You may be wondering why I am writing about Traffic Monsoon or am even interested in a scam that is being shut down by the SEC.

Let me take you back to 2011/2012 when my wife’s health forced me to find work online.

I was approached by a friend who told me about this great way to make fast cash! It was called adhitsprofits and was being run by Charles Scoville. He looked genuine and posted a picture of himself with a little boy which made him look like a decent family man

Long story short I bought some advertising which seemed to work great so i bought more. Then suddenly overnight when I had paid him over €1000 it stopped working and I wasn’t getting the traffic I paid for.

I got in touch with him and he ignored my emails and blocked my account. That was the first and last time I was scammed online.

Fast Forward to 2015

I got another email from someone telling me about this great business called Traffic Monsoon and it was being run by none other than Charles Scoville. I couldn’t believe it.

Again he was scamming people using exactly the same system but with a different website. The funny thing was he was still using the same picture with the same little boy who must not have grown up!

I tried to warn my friend and many others that the traffic they were buying was all rubbish and that it was a clear as day ponzi scheme. The only people who were clicking the adverts were the people already registered and who were trying to get their rev shares.

Finally The SEC have shut down Traffic Monsoon

I have just learned today that the SEC have finally started to shut down this massive scam but the sad thing is that there are going to be tens of thousands of people who have lost money. I had a personal friend who committed suicide over Bannersbroker so I personally know exactly what damage they can do!

Today a TRO or Temporary Restraining Order has been issued against Traffic Monsoon. Its a thirty one page document you can find online of you do a search for it.

To summarise…The SEC have said that Traffic Monsoon was/is a $207 million Ponzi Scheme and a preliminary hearing has been set for the 5th August 2016

Charles Scoville says he is going to fight it but he has run out of lives and I really hope this puts and end to these things. They do so so much damage to people and to the online business world.

What can you do if you were scammed by Traffic Monsoon?

The first thing you should do is forget about it and move on. Don’t give it another thought. Don’t get mad or upset because that will get you nowhere.

Don’t blame yourself if you were sucked in by Traffic Monsoon, Charles Scoville or the way it was sold. I consider myself reasonably intelligent and it happened to me!

I am writing this post to tell people that one bad apple does not mean all online businesses are scams. Of course they are not.

Restore your reputation with Karatbars

Lets get one fact straight about business…..

There is no way to get rich quick except winning the lottery and if you do it online you won’t stay that way for long. 

I’d rather make $5000 every month for the rest of my life than make $20,000 for one month and steal it from other people in the process. 

I have been working with Karatbars International since 2013 and I know many people have found a safe and happy home with this company.

At Karatbars we sell gold and it is delivered. 999.9 24kt bullion which is the most real, genuine product you can imagine. A million miles from the smoke and mirrors of revshares and Traffic Monsoon.

We are doing a good thing by helping people save in gold. A genuine honest purpose to our business.

You build your customer numbers who buy products. These products are delivered by Fedex insured courier. Karatbars have been delivering products since 2011 without incident.

You are paid your commissions every Friday on to your company issued Mastercard! It really cannot be simpler.

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How to get started

Clear your social media, websites etc of all mention of traffic Monsoon.

Watch the three short videos at

Register for your free account at


I will never judge anyone who got involved with Traffic Monsoon but I can help them get over it and help them on a path to real financial freedom. I know because I have been there myself.

I have built an organisation of over 9000 people in Karatbars since 2013 in over 100 countries. I can help anyone do the same.

I know there will be a lot of people panicking around the world today about Traffic Monsoon so I hope this post gives them some comfort.

Don’t give up because of one bad experience. Get up, dust yourself off and start again. I did it so you can too.

Please get in touch if you have any questions.

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