Buy Gold Safely With Karatbars

Its 2016 .. Everyone knows that the price of gold is climbing. Brexit has happened in the UK and the worlds markets are falling.

In times of economic strife people flock to buy gold because gold is a safe haven. They could also buy silver too of course but silver is juts that bit more difficult to store.


There are also many ways that you can buy gold? You could buy it on the markets but many people don’t realaise that most of the gold traded on the stock markets doesn’t exist.

Traders are trading over 300 times the amount of gold that is actually in the vaults… Legally! Governments allow them to use a fractional reserve system.


Buy Gold Safely With Karatbars

What if you decide to buy gold from a reputable dealer? Many dealers out there are currently selling fake gold and they don’t even realise. Con artists and scammers are gold plating metal which has the same weight as gold and selling it on!

Last but not least, Gold has been packaged in such a way that it is not accessible to the 99% of people. Ounces and kilos of gold are financially out of reach for most people. Even if people did have $1300 in their pocket to buy gold they wouldn’t know where to find it.

These are just some of the reasons that only 1% of people own gold.

So how can you buy gold safely and affordably? 

Karatbars International has been selling and delivering 24kt, 999.9 Pure gold bullion since 2011. Karatbars currently deliver into 120 countries with more to follow.

Karatbars mission is to provide the highest quality gold in and affordable format and to make it easily accessible. This is done by selling 999.9 bullion in 0.1gram to 5gram format.


The gold is storage for free in Germany or can be delivered from as little as one gram by Fedex Insured courier.

Karatbars gold has a resale value over and above buying a one gram piece from other dealers. This is due to the hologram , serial number, certificate and special DNA coating which all come in every Karatbars card.

You can see what a 5gram Karatbars looks like below.








Customers can enjoy many more benefits when buying from Karatbars.

  1. No sign up costs
  2. No monthly fee’s or subscriptions
  3. No forced purchases
  4. buy manually or set up a weekly/monthly autopayment
  5. Free storage
  6. Fedex insured delivery

Buying Gold from Karatbars International is simple. 

Register at

Make your purchase using credit card/ debit card.

Choose free storage or delivery


Gold ownership is now a possibility for the 99%!

If you have any questions about how to buy gold or buying gold from Karatbars please get in touch using any of the channels below.

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Karatbars International – VIP Business Partner
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