Buy an Ounce Of Gold – 999.9 24kt Bullion Tutorial


Want to buy an ounce of 24kt, 999.9, pure gold bullion? Find out how in this video…


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There are many ways you can buy an ounce of gold, you can buy the whole ounce as one piece or buy it in smaller denominations.

The problem with buying a whole ounce of gold is that if you need to sell it again you need to sell the entire bar. If you had grams, 2.5grams or 5 grams these would be easier to liquidate.

If you are going to buy an ounce of gold there are many different grades of gold you can buy and there are many levels of security and features that can come with the gold.

When looking to buy an ounce of gold I recommend that you look for 999.9 24kt as it is the finest.

Make sure the ounce of gold comes with a hologram and certificate.

Make sure the gold comes from an LBMA accredited refinery which simp,y means the refinery is on the LBMA’s good delivery list.

Ensure that the company that you are buying from has at least three years of solid trading history and have excellent reviews for delivering on time.

If you wish your gold to be stored make sure the company offers free storage and insured delivery from a reputable company such as Fedex.

All of the features above you can count on when buying gold from Karatbars International.

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