Karatbars Newsletter June 2016

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Dear Business Partners,
Our sensational “Freedom Celebration 2016” in the “City of Angels” this year, was a raging success! We hereby
wish to thank all participants most sincerely for an unforgettable weekend in Los Angeles.
Our affiliate partners have made the trip to attend this event from all continents of the world. Each affiliate
present made our unique event a memorable one for all and, at the same time, kept everyone’s thoughts centered
on the global Karatbars experience.
We wish to extend our gratitude to our facilitators, Cherylanne Gober and Chyna Bethley, both of whom have
guided us with class through the program, to all of the other speakers and translators, to all of our leaders,
affiliates, to our stunning live acts, and to all of our participating helpers who contributed to the smooth
operation of this unique event.
The highlight of the evening was the exciting and emotional performance by Founder & CEO, Harald Seiz. Your
ecstatic applause met Mr. Seiz’s vision and the previews of upcoming products and services offered by
Karatbars. It was wonderful to gain a live insight into the offers yet to come!
To draw emphasis to the latest developments once again, below is a list of the featured new products which will
be available to you in the back office within the coming weeks:


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1. World of Charity
The World of Charity project is a labor of love for us. We would like to remind people and motivate them to do
something good for others.
This is how it works:
The W.O.C. Tickets are available in a 6-piece bundle (6×0,1 gram of gold).
Always carry a World of Charity card in your wallet at all times. Every time you open your wallet, you will
automatically be reminded that other people need your help. Whether you help someone on the street, assist
someone with a flat tire, or simply put a smile on the face of someone sad – give, and you will see how you have
pushed this positive energy forward.
Provide the individuals you have helped with one of your W.O.C. cards. This person will now also be a part of
the W.O.C. community. Explain to them what “World of Charity” means. Inform them that they could be
actively involved if they register with Karatbars. Then even they will be able to obtain the W.O.C cards and the
principle behind W.O.C. will continues to grow.
Create an eternal moment, and remember to capture each of these unique moments with your fellow human
beings whom you have helped in the form of a photo. Upload these photos along with your comments in the
back office under the World of Charity. With each photo you’ll help proliferate the fact that people can make the
world a better place with the W.O.C. Principle.
Those who have uploaded the most photos will be selected and be presented with an award each year.
The aim is to spread across the globe the understanding that the W.O.C. Principle is synonymous to love,
respect, appreciation and friendship. The more who join us, the more fantastic our result will be. Imagine how,
by helping your neighbor, you could help the world. What a thought…
“If you mean something to the people around you, you become a great man.”
– Harald Seiz
2. Automobile Club de Monaco
We are proud and honored to be able to offer new Gold Card ACM, presented in cooperation with the
AUTOMOBILE CLUB DE MONACO.This club is one of, if not the most prestigious and luxurious automobile
club in the world. Prince Albert of Monaco, the patron of the club and organizer of various racing events, the
club’s involvement in various racing events, especially the Formula 1 race in Monaco, is the pinnacle of
exclusivity. You can introduce your customers to this life of priviledge with this special Gold Card.


Karatbars Gold
Karatbars Gold

3. Karat VITAL
Karat VITAL is a carefully developed product, exclusively refined with Gold, for all generations and the specific
nutritional needs of modern humans, which has been based on the findings of years of scientific research.
Karat VITAL contains a synergistic combination of silver fir wood extract, natural vitamin C of acerola, vitamin
E, zinc, and 24 karat gold. The formula was based on, and developed in cooperation with international experts of
nutritional research into scientific evidence.
We recommend Karat VITAL to all who suffer from stress, a weak immune system, lack of concentration,
chronic inflammatory diseases, and lack of energy.
Karat VITAL contains a patented, innovative ingredient named Belinal. This is unique in the market and cannot
be compared to other materials with similar characteristics or backgrounds. It contains the highest concentration
of different plant polyphenols found in fresh fruits and vegetables, protects the immune system of plants, and
also has a protective effect on the human body as an antioxidant substance.
Vitamins E and C help protect the cells against oxidative stress. Vitamin C also contributes to the reduction of
fatigue and exhaustion. Zinc and Vitamin C support the normal function of the immune system.
4. Premium & Premium Professional Pool
New income opportunities at Karatbars!
Karatbars is unique!!!
We always have the welfare of our partners in mind, so we have created new sources of income for you.
Karatbars has expanded its unique portfolio in the marketing plan. Now you can participate in two new pools:
the Premium and Premium Professional.
Content of the pool:
Immediately 30 cents for each sold 0.1g cash gold bill in the Premium/Premium Professional will flow into the
pool. These are distributed as follows: 10 cents go to the Premium and 20 cents to the Premium Professional. At
the moment we only produce 0.1 g cash gold bills. From October this year, 0.2g, 0.4g, and 0.6g cash gold bills
will be introduced. From February 1st, 2017, 1g, 2.5g, and 5g cash gold bills will follow
Pool Distribution Premium Premium Professional
0.1g = 30 Cent 10 Cent 20 Cent
From October 2016
0.2g = 60 Cent 20 Cent 40 Cent
0.4g = 105 Cent 35 Cent 70 Cent
0.6g = 150 Cent 50 Cent 100 Cent
From Feburary 2017
1g = 210 Cent 70 Cent 140 Cent
2.5g = 300 Cent 100 Cent 200 Cent
5g = 600 Cent 200 Cent 400 Cent
This statement is valid for cash gold certificates and the future cash gold cards in cash gold design. Any other
items are excluded from it.
Reaching the pools:
Premium Pool Premium Professional Pool
Longterm Incentive: E class Longterm Incentive: S Class
Purchase of 3 Kg (valid from 20.04.2016) Purchase of 5 Kg Gold (valid from 20.04.2016)
Purchase of 30 Profit Cards Purchase of 70 Profit Cards
Purchase of Premium Packages Purchase of Premium Professional Packages
Active Status
To participate in the premium pools, you need to keep your monthly status active:
Sales apply only on the following direct sales:
Purchase of 2g gold, Sale of 2g gold
Sale of 1 Silver package, Sale of 1 Gold Package
Sale of 1 VIP Package, Sale of 1 Premium
Sale of 1 Premium Pro, Sale of 1, 2, and 3 Star Cashbox
We’ve saved the best for last:
Until December 31st, 2016, you will receive two participations instead of one for reaching the pool. This means
you have a lifetime of two components in the respective pool.
5. Premium & Premium Professional Package
Two new packages are expanding our range – the Premium Package and the Premium Professional Package.
These two completely new packages, of new design, are equipped with the following contents:
Karatbars sunglasses, cash gold, Karatbars Automatic, 3D metal cards, cards with 0.1g Gold, profit cards,
Karatbars Coins, brochures, as well as our classic 1g Karatbar.
6. New Version of K-Exchange
The Golden World – Gold exchange secure values.
In the 21st century, money as we know it only plays a subordinate role. We stumble from one crisis to another,
and so much more paper money is lost than ever before. There is always more paper money produced, and
therefor currencies rapidly depreciate in value. Governments look on in powerlessness and no one can assess the
current situation safely.
That means WE are all sitting on a powder keg. As a result, we are witnessing ongoing discussions about
abolishing the monetary system in the future, so as to prolong its end even just by a little.
What can we do? How can WE safeguard assets today?
The solution is simple, ingenious, and really ancient. Take gold, the finest gold that there is (24 carat). What is
new is dividing the gold into the smallest denominations from 0.1 g and applying these to either a credit
card-shaped or paper-like plastic.
This way, we already have an exchange value of all goods in daily life which can be used for everything we buy
and sell. So a real alternative should enter in the worst-case scenario, according to the motto, “prevention is
If the worst case does not occur (as we all hope), you will have safe and valuable assets. All of our K-Exchange
stores accept our cash gold for all goods and services offered.
The K-Exchange Center Page is a business directory for all business partners of Karatbars. With this, you
become a registered K-Exchange Center under http://www.karatbars.com, part of a now comprehensive business
partner community of more than 300,000. You have the opportunity to present your business there with a logo,
images, and a specific category label so your business can be found with greater ease by members seeking your
category of product or service.
7. Cash Gold
We would like to emphasize once again that this is not a currency. The cash gold is only for circulation within
Karatbars. Later this year, 0.2g, 0.4g and 0.6g will be included in the range of other variants of cash gold.
8. Karatbars Academy Marketing System
Since February 22nd, 2016, our Karatbars Academy page has hosted webinars and presentations for information
and education.
The daily automated webinars and presentations ensure that the customers are perfectly informed in advance.
Use this page to further assist your prospective business partner. Use automated webinars or the presentations
and the two free landing pages for the success of your business.
You will be able to automatically generate new audiences with this tool. The detailed information can be found
in our newsletter of March and in the back office.
We wish you all much joy and success with our new products and features. Be advised and proud that with our
products, we offer people unique opportunities to improve their individual living conditions.
Your Karatbars Team


For more information please register at  www.24kt.vip


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