Karatbars Presentation With Subtitles For Deaf or Hearing Impaired



Karatbars Presentation for deaf or hearing impaired. Please watch the video in full and if you wish to register go to http://www.karatabrs.com and enter premierteam as your sponsor. You can also register at http://www.karataffiliate.com if you wish to open an affiliate account or http://www.karatcustomer.com if you wish to become a customer.

We have deaf members in our Karatbars business from all around the world and there are many resources for those people.

If you wish to be contacted by one of our signing team members please get in touch.



Brian McGinty – Karatbars International – VIP Business Partner
Cell/Whatsapp/Skype: +447511650427
Email: brian@globalgoldbullion.com


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