Karatbars VIP Package Review With Team Building System


Want to become a VIP in Karatbars – Watch this video and register at http://www.karataffiliate.com Join the hundreds of VIP members in our group and take advantage of our fantastic sales system.

Our Karatbars system is built around support, supporting the new business partner until their Karatbars business is a success. It doesn’t matter if that takes a week, six months or a year.

Dedicated support office open seven days

Power leg team system to help you grow your business. We help you grow your team.

Telephone/Whatsapp/Facebook/Skype/Email support at +447511650427 or brian@globalgoldbullion.com

Sales training from a coach with over twenty years experience

Advice on writing and placing advertising

Private Facebook group with tutorials and pdfs on how to build your Karatbars business.

We show you how to build an organisation of thousands in a matter of months.

Why become a Karatbars VIP Member

Karatbars VIP Members earn 20% commission on direct sales and €80 bonus payments which are paid out weekly.

More commission for doing the same work as a Bronze, Silver or Gold Member.

The Karatbars VIp Package contains more items of value than the cost of the package itself.

Buying a VIP Marketing Package is a one of cost!

No monthly or yearly fee’s, subscriptions or charges, no forced purchases.

No qualifications to earn, monthly targets to hit or flushing away of units. The Karatbars compensation plan was written with the affiliate in mind.

gold price

Register for your free affiliate account today at http://www.karataffiliate.com and we will be in touch immediately to get you started.

Karatbars commissions are paid weekly so you can start earning today and be paid as early as next Friday… On your company issued Mastercard!

There really is no better business opportunity in 2016 and six years of trouble free trading tells you that.

Help us get to one million customers in 2016…

If you have any questions please give me a call or send an email…

Brian McGinty – Karatbars International VIP – Gold Director

Cell/Whatsapp/Skype: +447511650427

Email: brian@globalgoldbullion.com