What is a Karatbar Worth? Are Karatbars Expensive? The Truth

What is the difference between a Karatbars and a gram of gold? 

What is the difference between one gram of gold and another? 

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People always worry that if they buy a Karatbar they are going to “loose” money when nothing could be further from the truth.

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The problem is that people do not know the difference between the spot price of gold and the true market value of real gold bullion in your hand.

Spot price gold is only paper gold. 90% of it doesn’t exist and traders know that customers are not going to ask to see it. The sad thing is that this is all 100% legal!

Traders use a fractional reserve system and some have been trading 300 times what they have in their vaults!

So If you want to buy 999.9 gold with a certificate there really is only one place to get the best price!

Karatbars International sells pure bullion with a serial number, a hologram, the card itself is the certificate and the card has its own unique DNA coating which makes it 100% fraud proof!

Its not just about buying gold at a cheap price. People need to think about what they are going to do when they try to sell it. The buyer will want to see a certificate of authenticity and if you don’t have one the buyer is taking a risk.

You can also see in my video that the price goes up dramatically when you introduce security features and certificates to buying gold.

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5 gram cards from Karatbars today with all the features can cost as little as €42 / $45 or £30 per gram.

Karatbars International has grown from 2011 into a company with over 360,000 customers and affiliates in 121 countries. The next target is 1 million and it is going to happen.

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