Gold Price Today – Gold Continuing To Rise


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Karatbars gold
Karatbars gold

Lets take a look at how gold is performing against some currencies..

99% of the worlds population doesn’t know that gold is priced against the dollar!

99% of the worlds population doesn’t know that, because of above fact, “spot” price is rigged!

90% of gold traded on the markets DOESN’T exist… Its never been mined! Traders are selling up to 400 times what they actually possess.. legally!

JP Morgan has only 27 bricks of deliverable gold left!  (They did before Christmas!)

The truth..

Gold has NEVER lost purchasing power.. Itis a hedge against inflation and true money insurance.

In NO ten year time span in the past 200 years has it ever lost its value! 

In EVERY ten year period over the past 200 years paper money/cash/notesHAS lost its purchasing power.

Forget about what the bank and government sponsored news channels and newspapers are telling you… Find out the facts for yourself… is a good place to start…Lets look at the past 30 days alone…

Against Euros….

Price of Gold

Against The Pound GBP 

Price of Gold

Against The Dollar

Price of Gold


Gold Price Today – Gold Continuing To Rise

Now you know the truth how can you get your hands on some shiney yellow metal?


What is the difference between buying from JMBullion/Bullionbypost etc… and Karatbars?

Watch this short video I made for the answers..




In the past week we have had people buying €5000, €10,000 and even one sale for $250,000 of 5gram cards!   That’s 1100 5gram cards!

People know when they buy from Karatbars it is the purest quality gold with the worlds top security features.

They know they cannot buy the same quantity/quality of gold with the same features at a better price. (1, 2.5, 5gram, 999.9, with certificate, LBMA accredited refinery, hologram, serial number, gold stamped, dna security, free storage, fedex delivery, guaranteed buyback rate). 
I will offer $500 / €500 cash to anyone who can prove otherwise
Since 2013 people have sent me dozens of websites supposedly offering a better deal… But once we tried to buy things are never what they seem. I’ve still got my $500!

There are no trap doors or sneaky fee’s with Karatbars, you buy at the price on the screen and put it in free storage or have it delivered by Fedex. Simple. 

Karatbars is Flexible

Buy one gram a week, a month or year.. its up to you. Owning some gold right not is the only insurance you may have against whats coming.

You can set up an automatic weekly or monthly payment from as little as €50. As you go over the gram price a gram will be put in storage for you until you want delivery.

Wait until you have 100 grams saved and delivery is free.

Karatbars has been set up with the customer in mind.

That’s all for this weeks gold update…I really think we are in the “end game” now as far as paper money is concerned. The can can only be kicked down the road so far…

Tell your friends and family whats really going on..Tell everyone…. They will thank you for it.

Ask them to take a look at Lets help as many people as possible avoid whats coming.




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Gold Price Today – Gold Continuing To Rise