Gold Could go to $22,000 or Even $50,000 Per Ounce


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Only someone living in the Sahara desert would be unaware that the markets are crashing. The bubble that is going to burst this time will make 2007/2008 seem like a picnic.

Anyone who buys gold right now has an opportunity to take advantage of the crisis that is on the way.

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I just read this report this morning which sums it up as well as anything.

Have a look at this –
7% increase in the price in the past 30 days alone!

If you can afford to buy ounces at $1100 or Kilos $35,000 from a reputable dealer, LBMA certified, with purity certificate that’s great.

If, like the other 99% of the population, you can’t… Then you can buy gold bullion from Karatbars today for as little as $54

Its as easy as this…

Login at – click product purchaseclassic cards… buy using credit or debit card/bank wire and choose free storage or Fedex delivery! 

Buy 5gram cards with a discount code for just €44 per gram. *Let me know if you need a code. 

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Gold Could go to $22,000 or Even $50,000 Per Ounce

We are seeing huge orders coming in from all over the world including one for $250,000 in the USA!

The big buyers like Karatbars because its safer to store and easier to liquidate 5gram Karatbars compared to having kilos of gold in a safe.

Karatbars are the size of a credit card so you could put 30 or 40 of them behind a picture frame and no one would know! Just make sure its a really bad picture! 

Owning gold right now is one of the best opportunities open to the general public in 2016!

If the Chinese do announce a gold back Yuan it WILL crash the dollar… The debt bubble will burst and the people holding the gold will be in the best position to trade it for whatever the NEW currencies will be.

All paper money since the beginning of time has gone to zero…. We are seeing the start of the next big currency reset right now.

Ill leave you with another article on why everyone should be buying gold… The internet is full of them… But you will never see it publicised on your daily news channel.

If people knew the truth there would be a run on the banks tomorrow… And governments can’t allow that to happen…

All the gold is with China now…   Read how China can collapse the dollar overnight  HERE

Karatbars and my mission is to help as many people as possible debank! Get out of total reliance on paper money… Have a safety net just in case the ATM’s do go off! Ask the people in Greece what that feels like!

Our mission is to help one million people secure there families future by OWNING physical gold bullion.

If the dollar does collapse, if the ATMs stop working or if the government can’t pay your pension you simply won’t care because you have taken control of your own finances.

Lets help everyone we know open a free gold savings account today….


Open your free gold account at

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