Karatbars World Call 2016


January 18th 2016

Live Call Tonight 8pm EST  

Tonight is your opportunity to hear from head office first hand.There is going to be a major live call from Stuttgart at 8pm EST Tonight.

That’s 1am for me but i’ll be up listening to it! This is the most important update every year! Last year it was amazing.

Karatbars are announcing new products and giving us the direction for 2016! 

Here is the link –  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cZuFoVSHvVE&feature=youtu.be

It is being streamed live on Youtube, just click and watch.
A Great Opportunity – I would strongly advise that you get as many potential customers and business partners as possible in front of a compuer/tablet or phone when this is being broadcast!

Let people see how great this company is… from the top!

The cats and dogs on the street know we should be buying gold right now and Karatbars is the safest place to buy it.

If you watch this broadcast you will understand why Karatbars is the leading global supplier of 999.9 gold bullion in small denominations.

You will also see how big an opportunity this is going to be for you in 2016.

I can’t wait and look forward to hearing whats coming for us all.

Don’t miss this!


Brian McGinty

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Our Global Group Size

Jan 17th 1.26pm – Welcome to all our new affiliates and customers.
Karatbars Business Partners Update

Six Steps To GuaranteedSuccess

If you want to build a successful business you must follow these steps.

1. Have I watched the presentation atwww.thismightbeofinterest.comin the last two weeks?
www.partnersingold.com for UK/Ireland *If you haven’t you don’t have the latest information. I change the video every few weeks. 

2. Have I invited at least three people, (real conversations), to watch Brian’s live weekly webinar (Tuesday 12pm EST, 5PM UK ) or a recording today?*Sales is about creating habits and momentum. Three per day every day achieves both.

3. Have I joined our private Facebook group?  HERE  Vital for up to the minute news, local meetings and live advice.

4. Have I spoken with /emailed/ whatsapp/viber/skyped Brian this month at least once? +447511650427 *For sales/advertising advice or just a quick chat. 

5. Have I saved at least 1 gram of gold myself this month? *If you are not saving it’s hard to ask others to. Start saving and see how big a difference it makes to your conversations with people. 

6. Have I done anything to improve my sales skills? What have I learned this month about building a successful online/offline business?

*Have I watched some videos from Eric Worre or Jim Rohn or Tony Robbins *(Click names for videos) 

Follow the steps above every week and it is statistically impossible not to have a successful business in the next six to twelve months.

Never miss out a step

Don’t do five of them and miss out one. If there is something you don’t understand about a step then give me a call.

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