Karatbars Training Update – October 2015

Karatbars Training Update

**Over 100 new customers and affiliate have joined our group in the past week so a very warm welcome to you all! 


If you don’t have an account yet you can register free at www.karataffiliate.com

Brian McGinty here, Karatbars team support manager and all my contact details are below.

I have built a team of over 6800 people in 100 countries with Karatbars International since I started in 2013.

In that time I have learned a lot about the right and wrong ways to share this great business with potential customers and business partners.

What I know for sure is that too many people stray from the basic, simple concept.
We simply have the best quality 1g, 2.5g and 5g gold at the best prices and have made it easy for anyone in 120 countries to buy.

Karatbars is simply affordable gold for the masses

In order to spread the word we DON’T try to explain, talk, send emails, use autoresponders, post links…. EVER…. Its a waste of time.

This approach may work for Avon, Herballife or the latest “pre-launch”  but not with gold and not Karatbars.

We ALWAYS ask prospects to watch www.thismightbeofinterest.com which is in two parts.

*If you don’t like my webinar there are company presentations at 12pm and 9pm EST  seven days a week at www.karatbarswebinar.com or record your own. The slides are in the back office in the downloads section under “webinar” 

Part 1 of my presentation talks about the company and explains the product range.

Part 2 of the video explains how you become a business partner/affiliate. 

Important: If someone doesn’t want to watch it or its too long etc.. that’s 100% fine, move on. There’s another few billion people out there to ask. An episode ofGame of Thronesor a movie is longer but not as important to their families future as owning gold will be.

Successful/Open minded people will watch the presentation …Closed/Negative  people won’t.
Think about asking people to watch the video as a test to find out which one they are. Like an interview question. 

Building your business quickly

Sales is like sports, the faster you can build momentum, the more confident you become and the easier it is.

It’s also about perspective! 

I have personally registered 592 people since 2013 …. That means 5000 -10,000 people I asked to watch the presentation didn’t.

Look at it another way…
There are 65 million people in the UK – If I can ask them all to watch my video and 64 million don’t ….  That means 1 million will and about 100,000 will register…. 64 million rejections and i’m still happy! 

Good salespeople must be able to handle rejection and never take it personally

If you want to build your business quickly here are my top five suggestions on how to go about it. 

Don’t try and sell Karatbars to anyone without having taken care of the basics first. 

1. Read ALL my newsletters. I have been a sales trainer for twenty years and I really want you to be successful. You can read all my newsletters any time by clicking HERE  Some are customer focused, some product, some sales training, I try to mix it up.

*Please ensure all your customers/affiliates get that link. If they don’t, please send me their email addresses and I will ensure they get my weekly updates.

2. Subscribe to my Youtube channel at  www.bmcginty.com 99% of all questions are answered in the videos I have uploaded there. The videos in the playlist are essential viewing.

Create your own Youtube channel and make your own videos usingwww.screencast-o-matic.com *Completely free and you can reach people in every country.

3. Watch www.thismightbeofinterest.com at LEAST once per month. I change the presentation every fortnight and add the latest products and information. If it’s important it will be in that presentation.

The new thanksgiving card released this week. Did you see it in the back office?

4. Read every tab in the back office. If you worked in a supermarket you need to know where every product is. Karatbars is no different. EG: Do you know where the webinar/presentation pdfs are? Do You know where to submit a bonus card? Do you know where the various country bank account details are?

Login/register at www.karatbars.com and familiarise yourself with every tab and menu.

5. Take it seriously / What is your Why? – Many people are earning $10,000+ per week by simply sharing a video! After two years I am making many €1000’s per month already and all I ever spent was €1500 on my VIP Package  in 2013.

EG:  If you started a two year course today and at the end of it you could make $10,000 per month…. Would you take it seriously? 

My WHY is to be one of the top earners so I can get my wife, Emma, whatever treatment she needs to beat her M.E/CFS. She is only 37 yet has spent most of the past eight years in bed! The national health service is doing nothing for her and we need serious money for private treatment.

Karatbars is the fastest way for me to make her better! Yes, i’ve just moved into a nice new detached home, yes I’ve bought anew car… but those are not my reasons “WHY

Do you want to give up your job? Do you want to own your own home? Do you want to clear your debt? – You need to ask yourself what your WHY is? 

Karatbars is creating millionaires NOW.. already! The potential market size is enormous and we haven’t scratched the surface yet! If you want a safe and secure way to make mas much money as you like then Karatbars is that vehicle.
95% of “NEW” online  businesses never last last 12 months… Karatbars is going strong after five years 
Karatbars will be here for the next 5/10/20 years. We have another 70+ countries to open in! If you get really moving today just think where you could be in five years time.

That’s all for this week…

Please don’t forget to add me on Whatsapp/Viber/Facebook or just put my number in your phone. +447511650427 

Send me a text with your name and username  and I will add you to my contacts. You should feel that you can text/email/call me anytime for help or advice. I am always available and always willing to help.


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