Why Buy Gold? – And Why From Karatbars International?

Why Buy Gold And Why From Karatbars?

Over 300,000 people in 120 countries now have Karatbars accounts and 6600 of those are in my group. 


You can open your Free gold account now at www.karatcustomer.com

So why are people buying gold, and why from Karatbars? My detailed explanation is availableHERE but let me try and explain it for you in a few minutes.

People generally save/invest in savings, shares, property and commodities.

a. Savings are giving almost nothing in interest at the moment and inflation cancels any gains. Paper money/cash loses its value over time.
b. Stocks are falling all over the world and a huge crash is very likely.
c. You need to know what you are doing if you want to invest in things like wine and art and forgeries can be a problem.
d. For property you need a deposit/mortgage and gold has always been too expensive.

Saving and stocks are giving nothing so that leaves property and gold. If you can afford a mortgage..great… if you can’t then the next option is gold.. And the average dealer charges  $1100 an ounce.
But what if, like 99%, of the worlds population, you can’t afford $1100? 
The general public is therefore FORCED into having to settle for stupid bank/governemt  schemes that give maybe 3% interest per year.. if you meet 500 terms and conditions.  Woop Woop! Thanks for that!!

Not any more… Karatbars International have made it possible for the 99% to own physical gold. In affordable 1 gram, 2.5 gram and 5 gram formats.

The best thing about Karatbars  is this….

YOU CANNOT BUY THIS QUALITY/QUANTITY OF GOLD  WITH THE SAME SECURITY FEATURES ANY CHEAPER – If anyone you speak to tries to tell you different ask them to call me on +447511650427 as I want to know who the company is they are buying from.It doesn’t exist.


So if you bought 5 grams of gold from Karatbars today and sold it on, for example, Ebay, you would get the same money back for it. How do I know… I did a test to prove the point!
I bought a 1 gram card for €52 / $58 / £38 from Karatbars and sold it on Ebay for £50 / €68  / $76 + £10 postage! 

That’s true market price. That’s what a Karatbars was worth to someone on the open market. 999.9 pure gold, from an LBMA accredited refinery, with hologram, with company logo in the gold, with dna security feature. All the things other gold companies don’t have.


  • If you save money in a bank – That’s just stupid! No way to dress it up!  Considering everything that’s happening, you would be better keeping it at home. – less charges or chance of it disappearing due to a “glitch”


  • If you can buy stocks and shares – Massive risk considering global events. You take physical possession of nothing.


  • If you can buy wine/art etc  – These are good buys if you know what you are doing  and can be interesting to own.


  • If you can buy property/land – Always safe over a period of time. (Even if you take crashes into account)


  • If you can buy ounces/kilos of gold – Safe for 5000 years, little room  to store, needs no skill to buy, nothing safer or easier in 2015. You just need a reputable dealer, LBMA etc, and $1100 per ounce to buy it. Much more stable even than property.

“I can’t do any of the above?” 

If you are like the 99% of people and none of the above apply then you now have the option of buying gold from around €40 / $44 / £29 per gram. (Buying the 5 gram cards with Karatbars).

The safest way to store value is through property or gold and that has always been the case for decades.

Everyone reading this update should login to their Karatbars account and buy at least 1 gram per month. I personally buy at least 1 x 5gram card per month as it gives me the best price. As soon as I have 30 grams in savings I get it delivered for €13.50 by Fedex.

More reasons why I/others buy from Karatbars 

100% Flexible – I buy as much or as little as I like whenever I like. Most gold companies have complicated order limits, expensive storage or expensive delivery etc. Nothing ever works out how the website describes. Karatbars does what it says, always has stock and is simple to buy from.

If I bought ounces from a dealer and needed to liquidate say €300 I’d have to sell the whole ounce! With Karatbars I can liquidate what I need easily on ebay/with a jeweller/gold buyer etc.

If I had a big amount in one piece it would be harder to store. You can put Karatbars in a million places making storage/security and risk management much easier. (Plus Karatbars do offer free storage too!)

I tell my friends/family/promote Karatbars and make money. Karatbars is first of a gold savings club but I make 100% of my income from it too. By simply telling people they CAN afford gold I earn cash, free gold and have a wonderful business I can be proud of! I am so proud of working with Karatbars I’ve even put a Karatbars number plate on my car..

There isn’t one other gold seller on earth that offers me lots of money and free gold for simply spreading the word! Karatbars look after orders, delivery, I don’t hold stock, no overheads, … In terms of the perfect business model Karatbars is it.

Karatbars also hasn’t cost me a cent since I joined. No monthly/yearly fees or subscriptions, no forced purchases. Every penny I made is my own and I get paid 100% of what I earn. None of that MLM / Direct Sales nonsense where you keep losing out.

There are thousands of people out there looking for a good, solid, hassle free business to run and Karatbars is the answer.

Should you never promote the business you should still be saving some money in gold. My mission is to get as many people saving in gold as possible. If a crash does come its the only way many of us can protect ourselves.
The rain is coming and i’m building the ark!
To see the full product/pricing presentation please click HERE

Until next time…


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