More and More Reasons To Buy Gold 

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More And More Reasons To Buy Gold!

A huge thank you to everyone who came along to the meeting in London at the weekend! (Picture above). Book a room and get some meetings going where you live! The is no better way to promote this business!

In the past few weeks I have revealed that HSBC and Goldman Sachs bought over 7 tonnes of gold. I have also revealed that JP Morgan is trading gold it doesn’t even have in the vault.

Now I can reveal that Russia bought over one million ounces of gold in August alone! (See below).

So banks are buying gold, countries are buying gold yet.. We, the public are being told by both banks and countries not to buy it! It’s wake up time! 

The largest wealth transfer in history is coming and every one of us need to get our hands on as much gold as possible. The fact you are reading this email means you are one of the few who know what is really going on!

Remember – Karatbars like for like prices on this purity of gold areunbeatable. Two years in and with 6500+ customers with Karatbars and NO ONE has proven to me they can get the same quality of  product in these amounts at a better price.

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Heard someone say? – “I can buy an ounce/kilo cheaper” – Great  tell them they are lucky and ask them why they don’t go and buy an ounce then!

99% of the worlds population can’t afford ounces or kilos. Karatbars is for the 99% – You can’t buy 1/2.5/5grams of this quality cheaper.

Why buy a pint of milk when you can buy a cow! People just don’t think before they speak that’s all!
If I could buy/sell gold cheaper with another company I wouldn’t still be with Karatbars after two years – Simple as that. 

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Russians Buy 1 Million Ounces of Gold Bars In August

Russia’s gold reserves rose to 42.4 million troy ounces as of September 1 compared with 41.4 million troy ounces a month earlier, the Russian central bank announced on Friday.

The monthly accumulation of 1 million ounces in just one month was one of the more sizeable monthly purchases by Russia and equates to 31.1 metric tonnes in August alone.

The value of the bank’s holdings rose to $47.68 billion from $44.96 billion a month earlier, Russia said in a statement on its website.

The amount bought was more than the 30.5 metric tons that Russia purchased in March, then the highest amount in six months.

Russia is now the seventh biggest holder of gold reserves after the U.S, Germany, the IMF, Italy and France and the rising gold power China. Russia has  more than tripled its reserves since 2005 and holds the most gold bars since at least 1993, International Monetary Fund data shows.

Nations globally have been increasing their gold holdings in recent years, a reversal from two decades of selling. China, Kazakhstan, Ukraine and Belarus are among other nations that have been accumulating gold.

Gold remains a large part of many central banks’ reserves, decades after they stopped using it to back paper and the electronic currency of today.

Russia has been steadily buying bullion since 2007 and the advent of the global financial crisis. Russia was accumulating gold even prior to tensions with the West and international sanctions over the Ukrainian conflict.

Gold has protected the Russian reserves and acted as a hedge as gold priced in rubles has surged over 60 percent in the last 12 months. The plunge in oil prices contributed to sharp falls in the ruble.

Russia added about 13 tons in July and 24 tons the month before that. As tensions escalate with the U.S., the UK and the EU, Russia appears to be intensifying efforts to diversify out of their large dollar holdings and into physical gold.



Today’s Gold Prices: USD 1136.85, EUR 1007.27 and GBP 732.86 per ounce.
Friday’s Gold Prices: USD 1136.00, EUR 992.31 and GBP 726.25 per ounce.

Gold had a 3 percent weekly gain and silver had a 3.5% weekly gain. Gold ended with a gain of 0.73% on Friday while silver rose to as high as $15.43 before ending with a gain of 0.26%.

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My thoughts this week….

HSBC and RBS had “glitches” where millions went missing, Amazon was hacked at the weekend…. Skype was hacked yesterday…. Apple was hacked yesterday….  Is everyone going to wait until the ATM’s stop working before they realise that having cash in a bank is a bad idea and having physical money / gold is a very good one.

My mission is one of education and information.  If Karatbars didn’t exist i’d still be selling gold but by the ounce or kilo to a much smaller market. Karatbars simply has opening up the market to billions of people.

Many people my age don’t have pensions and anyone who does knows that retirement age is getting pushed further away and there is less and less money in the pot. Inflation is moving faster than wages so we are all getting poorer.

By saving in gold you can opt out of the system, who cares if the government is in trillions of debt, who cares if inflation goes positive or negative, save in physical gold and let politicians do whatever they like!

See my latest presentation at and start buying/selling with Karatbars today.


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