Gold and Karatbars Prices – The Facts


Lets Kill The Myths

This could be the most important email you ever read…

Almost every day since I started working with Karatbars International someone has said one of two things…

1. They “can” buy gold cheaper than Karatbars.

2. The price of gold is going down. 

Important lesson: After twenty years in direct sales I don’t automatically believe everything a customer says… I find out for myself and get back to them.

People say these two things because the public is being manipulated by government and banks. They genuinely believe both these statements to be true simply because of misinformation.

Let me explain..

1. The price you look up gold at on Google or online is “spot price” .. This is a price that you can buy a stock or share in some gold at. You will never actually hold it in your hand and the traders legally don’t need to physically have the gold either. You may as well be buying fresh air. Banks can manipulate this price by buying loads of this fresh airgold.

I could sell you a fantasy Ferrari today for $10 because I know you are never going to ask me to see it. 90% of gold traded today has never even been mined.. Doesn’t exist. But the public don’t know that!!

People also say they can buy an ounce for $1100 or kilo for $39,000 which is cheaper than Karatbars. True.. and if you have a spare $1100 or $39,000 go ahead.

Problem is 99% of the worlds population don’t have a spare $1100 so what do they do for gold ownership? Karatbars is giving people the option at an affordable price point.
If we all could afford a cow we wouldn’t need to buy pints of milk! If we all could afford ounces there would be no need for Karatbars. 
If you do own an ounce or kilo and wanted to raise $200 you need to sell the whole ounce, if a robber finds your ounce he takes it all in one go. Two more good reasons to own gold in smaller amounts.

People say they can buy a gram from from eg Perth Mint cheaper? Have they tried? They will find when they get to the checkout the minimum order is $250 There are dozens of gold sites out there with misleading home pages.

In the past two years not ONE customer or affiliate has found me a website which can beat Karatbars prices on a like for like basis.
I have been offering a free gram of gold for anyone who can find that company and its still here!
So lets look at Karatbars prices…

So if you buy a 5gram card today… and use a discount code.. (Which I can give you), it will cost you  €41 / $45 per gram for LBMA, 999.9, Certified, holdgram, DNA security bullion with free storage and delivery by Fedex Insured courier for as little as €13.50.

If you can’t afford the 5gram buy the 1gram. Yes it costs more but will hold its value better than the €50 in your bank. And some gold ownership is better than none.

Should you wish to tell a few others about the business Karatbars will pay you up to 6% commission on their purchases so you could bring your cost per gram down to €39 or $44 per gram.
I have shared Karatbars with over 500 people and I get all my gold for free now plus thousands of euros in commissions every month! That 500 has shared with many others to grow a group of 6300+ and I get paid on ALL gold purchases in my team.
There is no other gold company in the world that can offer you the chance to earn free gold at no cost to yourself. This is how Karatbars can become a passive residual income with a little effort.

2. The price of gold is going down? In 300 years the price of gold has never gone down for any period of time…. In 2012 banks manipulated the price of paper gold up for a short period of time so they could scare everyone off owning it… and it worked.

Lets look at the facts…

Gold and Karatbars Prices – The Facts

My mission is to give people the facts. A few weeks ago Goldman Sachs and HSBC bought 7.1 tons of physical gold yet they are telling us publically gold is bad! Governments around the world have banned “independent financial advisors” from selling gold as and approved product yet they are buying it themselves??

Lets re-educate the people around us….

Tell people about Karatbars but don’t be put off when they keep saying the same things over and over…. Be ready for it…

  • The next time someone tells you Karatbars is expensive… send them this email or ask them to watch my presentation.
  • The next time someones says they “can buy” an ounce for xxx.. Ask to see it….or ask them why they haven’t bought it and ask them to watch my presentation.
  • The next time someone tells you gold is going down in price… Ask them why they think that and ask them to watch my presentation..

It is my personal mission to make sure everyone I know and care about knows the truth and gets the chance to protect their own family through gold ownership. Karatbars is no longer a company I work for.  I am helping people get out of the cycle of debt their governments have put them in…

Save in devaluing paper or in gold – Its a simple choice. 

To see my full presentation which expands on the topics above click

Until next week… Have a great weekend… My office is open seven days if you need me…



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