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How Good Is Your Support Desk?


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Lets hear what my team have to say….

My Karatbars support desk has been running for two years and is now available to 6000 customers/business partners in 100+ countries. **You should always contact me before sending a ticket to head office as I can deal with 90%+ of enquiries immediately. 

In home businesses / self employment having someone to call on 24/7 is vital. I have built my team around being that person everyone can depend on.


I have been training sales people in different industries for twenty years and the most important thing ever learned is that sales is 90% attitude/mental/positivity. 

To remain positive even the best sales person in the world needs regular coaching and mentoring and without it you will give up.

In case you are wondering get my weekly coaching from watching videos of Eric Worre and Jim Rohn **Those two links are the most valuable you may ever click!

Does my service deliver? 

Have a read of what some of my team have had to say about my support desk and coaching over the past two years… I have chosen people from different countries and time zones to illustrate that my desk is indeed 24/7 and Global.

*If you would like to add a testimonial please send it to brian@globalgoldbullion.com 

Thurl Bailey – NBA Basketball Star and Karatbars USA – “After winning a national championship in 1983 at NC State University under the great Jim Valvano and then going on to play 16 seasons of professional basketball, I’m very clear on what it takes to succeed in almost anything you want to accomplish in your life. It starts with great leadership; people believing in your potential and helping you believe in yourself.

When I joined Karat Bars I discovered right away that Brian McGinty was the kind of leader I was used to having in my life. Someone who could see what my potential could be and who would always be available to coach me when I needed it.

If YOU want to be successful you need to ask the right questions to the right people, who have been there themselves. Brian is a great resource for me and thousands of others who understand that at the end of the day we will all be able to celebrate “Cutting Down the Nets” together in Karat Bars”.

Ola Awoliyi – Karatbars Spain “Joining Karatbars is the best action i have taken in years. The only thing better i think i’ve I have done was to have joined under Brian. from the moment I signed up, until now, I have never had a problem left unresolved. Whatever it was, Brian was always on hand to help…and offer solutions and advice. It really has been a life changing experience for me. And more importantly, having a sponsor that sticks beside you through thick and thin, like Brian does, is just overwhelming. Exactly what is needed to succeed.”
Today is the 1st of September

September, October and November are three of the biggest sales months in the year so if you are thinking about starting/restarting there is no better time than now.

1. Login / Register at www.karatbars.com (free)

2. Call / Text / Send me an email and I will contact you with your fast start guide. 

Andrew Price – Karatbars UK – I joined karatbars in April 2015 after reading some excellent reviews from customers around the globe. When I joined what I didn’t expect was the level if support I received from Brian McGinty who guided me through the early stages and almost ran my business on my behalf. His 24/7 business support enabled me to create a 100+ people business within a few short months. It’s been a great start for me and my team. Thanks to Brian for making it so easy.
J Kurt Nelson – Thailand – My name’s J Kurt Nelson and I have been with Karatbars International through Brian McGinty’s premierteam for 3 months now. I have found his training and support to be nothing short of incredible. All questions have been answered in a very timely manner. I was very pleased when Brian has actually called me back several times, both personally and on Skype. By way of premierteam, I have learned how to present Karatbars in the correct way and in a “no sell” manner, which it truly is not. I have learned the correct facts about the company and why it is truly a life changer. Brian has even offered his videos for me to use in building my own team …

To sum it up, Brian McGinty and his premierteam not only have helped me. He has offered his services in providing support desk services for my team, as well. Does it get better than that? I believe not.

Thank you Brian McGinty – you are a great man. I wouldn’t have joined Karatbars without you and would not have succeeded at it, either, without you.

Jim Tilley – Karatbars South Africa -Brian’s service and personal attention is extraordinary.I have always received great service from Brian.He has consistently addressed any of my questions within less than 1 hour.His timing and the quality of his help and support have always met and far exceeded my expectations. Brian will Keep up the GREAT work and I feel comfortable in saying that I now also value his friendship.Jim Tilley, proud Karatbars VIP Business Partner and member of Brian’s team.
The testimonials above are from some of the many people in contact with me weekly, asking for help, asking me questions etc… If you want to succeed I will give you the time, effort and training you need. 

Please always keep in mind that Kartatbars is not MLM, it is a straightforward sales business where you introduce customers and you earn commissions from sales. There are no qualifications to earn, no monthly or yearly fee’s, no subscriptions or charges, no forced purchases or direct debits. You just work as and when you like with zero pressure.

Best of all no one is actually spending any money! Customers are changing their devaluing paper money for a more stable, inflation proof money which is gold. We are helping people secure their wealth in gold and earning cash+gold in return.

Training: I have created an “Everything you need to know” video playlist which you can watch at https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLPlnfIW2rFsXVx5YAVoEcFgocATIGycxq

Lets all get to work and have a fantastic end to the year…


Brian McGinty – Karatbars VIP  – Supporting 6000+ Karatbars customers and affiliates in 100+ countries. 
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