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Thank You Karatbars

What is your goal? What is your target?

Two years ago I started promoting Karatbars International with the intention of creating a passive monthly income. My reason was that I am my wife’s carer and needed to work from home. My wife was also pregnant at the time and I didn’t want to miss out on my daughter growing up by being at a “job”.

I was motivated to find a way to make this happen and Karatbars fitted the bill. 

That was only 24 months ago… 

Two years later and we no longer live in a two bedroom apartment, we have moved to a four bedroom detached property with three receptions, we have been to Greece and Switzerland on holiday this year already and I have just bought a car I really wanted. My 246bhp V6 Jaguar Sport above.

I even got to buy my own personal plate K (for Karatbars) 999 for the purity of the gold we sell and BMG for my initials. I would never want anyone to say I wasn’t committed to the business!!

I also get to spend every day with my wife and daughter, i take the sunny days off and we have another child on the way in eight weeks. This is what I call living and Karatbars International has made this possible.

How can you do this too? 

There is no secret… and building this business is simple.. You don’t even have to learn anything.

We have two live webinars every day at 12pm and 9pm EST atwww.karatbarswebinar.com or 24/7 at www.thismightbeofinterest.com

If you ask three people per day to watch then one or two per week will become business partners or customers. If they have questions you pass them to me.

You NEVER have to help train or support them after the webinar as I do it all for you. 

You just repeat this process next week and the week after until you have a sizeable group of customers and business partners.

Who do you ask? 

Anyone over the age of eighteen in any of our 120 open countries. Anyone who earns a wage and is getting no interest in the bank. Anyone who buys a birthday present, anyone who wants to protect their earnings, anyone who has more than €50, anyone who celebrates Christmas or events… Anyone who would like to earn some extaramoney. Your postman, milkman, brother, sister, cousin, shopkeeper, dentist, doctor….. ANYONE. 

Never prejudge who will or won’t be a customer… Give everyone you meet the chance to say no.

What do you say? 

“Have you got some free time today at 12pm/9pm?” Yes… Great watch www.karatbarswebinar.com and let me know what you think”  “Whats it about?“… It is all explained in the video… I would just like your opinion on it”

No?… Ok no problem… Have a look at www.thismightbeofinterest.com when you get a chance and let me know what you think.


My/Your job is not to sell Karatbars or Gold, My/Your task is to sell a presentation and the people who sell the most presentations make the most money. If you can do one simple thing over and over that’s all you need to do.

Asking people to watch the presentation is the secret, not posting links on Facebook, buying leads or using websites to advertise your link.

Do that for six months and after that you can start to relax… you will then be helping your team, taking support calls for your team and logging in to see how much money you have made today…. and maybe even buying your favourite car…

Find what motivates you, set a goal and don’t stop till you reach it. Karatbars is creating millionaires and it’s up to you if you want to be one of them. 

I have 6000 people in my group now and could go on holiday for six months and my income would just keeps growing. I have no targets or nothing to do to keep my account active. The reason I don’t is because I love training new people and want to help people get to where I am.

If you need training, help, support or just a friendly chat my door is always open…

brian@globalgoldbullion.com   or  mobile/skype/whatsapp +447511650427 all other contacts below… 

Brian McGinty – Karatbars VIP  – Supporting 6000+ Karatbars customers and affiliates in 100+ countries. 
Got questions?  
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