Karatbars – Find A Mentor At Team “Global Gold Bullion”


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Karatbars – Find A Mentor At Team “Global Gold Bullion”


Its easy to register with a direct sales company…Finding the right sponsor is the difficult part! Watch this video to find out why you should join Brian McGintys “Team Global Gold Bullion” at http://www.karataffiliate.com

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Getting the correct Karatbars sponsor is about much more that getting overspill and downlines placed in your team.

Success is about having a trainer, a mentor a guide. Someone who will keep your spirits up when you feel like giving up.

Someone who has walked a successful path in the company and can prove it.

I was taught in one of my first sales jobs something that has stuck with me….

“Find the most successful person in the room and copy them”

I have copied many successful people and been successful many times with different companies. In under tow years I have personally referred over 550 personal customers and affiliates to Karatbars and grown a global group of 5400+. My group is now growing by around 100 per week. (June 2015)

If you want to achieve my success I can lead you to it in simple easy to follow steps that anyone can copy.

Simply register at http://www.karataffiliate.com and I will send you my fast start guide which only has three simple steps to follow.

You can be earning $5000, $10,000 and more per month in the next twelve months if you can simply follow our system.

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Karatbars – Find A Mentor At Team “Global Gold Bullion”

If you would like more information on buying gold or Karatbars International please take a look at my Youtube channel at http://www.bmcginty.com

Looking forward to speaking to you and getting your future started…

Brian McGinty – Karatbars VIP – Supporting 5400+ Karatbars Affiliates and Customers in 100+ countries.


Karatbars - Find A Mentor At Team "Global Gold Bullion"

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