Gold Bullion – Spot Price Versus Retail Price – Explained

Many people do not understand the difference between spot price and retail price when it comes to gold bullion. This is fair enough considering that most of the population don’t even know that gold is money.

We are not taught this in school and it is mainly because governments don’t want us to buy gold. They want to keep us in debt to the banks and under control. The educated understand the value in gold ownership and wealthy people all have a certain amount of their wealth in physical gold.

The average person however does not have this opportunity due to the expense of gold ….. Until Now….

Karatbars International is giving the average person the opportunity to buy gold in small denominations as and when they want to.

This video will explain why…

Gold Bullion – Spot Price Versus Retail Price


Gold Bullion – Spot Price Versus Retail Price

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Is Karatbars an expensive way to buy gold?….. Of course it isn’t. Like for like I do not know of any other company which allows me a more competitive price structure as well as a fantastic business opportunity.

The general public do not know that gold is in fact real money. They do not understand that paper money is just a confidence game with nothing backing it up.

Gold Bullion - Spot Price Versus Retail Price

The people who do know gold is money assume that gold is too expensive for them as it is normally packaged up in ounces and kilos.

Karatbars Internationals mission is to change this perception and allow everyone and anyone the opportunity to buy and take ownership of their own private issue gold.

FYI – (Gold from The Royal Mint or Golden eagles is not private issue and can be confiscated by the government!)

I have been working with direct sales companies for twenty years and with Karatbars since 2013. A more honest and organsied company you could never deal with.

I have 5000+ happy customers in 100+ countries. I run a 24/7 global support desk for them and could not be happier.

Once you have ordered some gold and actually have it in your possession you will be amazed by the quality of the product itself. When people say Karatbars is expensive they simply just don’t now the difference between retail and spot price.

There are many websites that pretend to have low prices until you try and make the purchase. When you do you will find the minimum order is $200 or 10grams etc etc.. The price on the website is only a hook to get you in.

With Karatbars at least you know the price per gram is the price you pay and that’s it. Karatbars is an honest and open company.

Gold Bullion - Spot Price Versus Retail Price

You can either regisiter as a customer for free or also as a free affiliate. Simply share your website with your friends and family and earn a commission on all gold they buy.

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Gold Bullion - Spot Price Versus Retail Price

Gold Bullion – Spot Price Versus Retail Price