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Newsletter 10th February 2015
Brian McGinty here – Karatbars VIP Affiliate -Supporting 3900+ Customers & Affiliates in 100+ countries .
You are receiving this update as you are a registered customer/affiliate in my Global Karatbars Group.
My support lines are open 24/7 and customers/affiliates can communicate with me via Skype, Email, Viber, Whatsap from every continent at any time.
Please note: I have direct access to Head Office via Skype and can answer 90% of support queries faster than them. Try me before sending in support tickets. 
If you want build a large Karatbars business and want to copy my success you can do that by reading myblog which records my Karatbars progress from the very first day.
Then just get in touch for some one to one training.
Ewallet Email – Did you get one?
People have been asking me what the new e-wallet emails are about. “I thought we got paid by Master.card?” was one question.
Karatbars are now offering an e-wallet because too many people are now earning over €10,000 per weekand that is the load limit on our card.
Top earners in the company are earning €50,000+ per week after 4/5 years building their businesses.
If you are earning under €10,000 per week you can carry on using your card as normal and withdraw your money using it.
New Presentation
New slides, new info, now live atwww.thismightbeofinterest.com and on my You Tube channel opposite.
Easily The Happiest Group On Facebook!
Click the image above to join our group of around5000 happy Karatbars Customers and Affiliates. Read their testimonies and experiences with Karatbars International.
Click the image above to access over 100 tutorials I have uploaded to my Youtube Channel.
Have you logged to your account recently?
Hundreds of people in my group are missing out on thousands of euros with Karatbars. It is such a shame when watching my presentation for 45 minutes would explain why.
Have you logged in to see how many affiliates and customers you have aquired that I or someone else has placed there for you?
Karatbars operate a dual system where I have to place new people under existing people.
The important thing is that you too can earn from the purchases of those people. 
Once in the website check the “team statistics” section and click “dual system”
If any of it doesn’t make sense or you don’t know how any of it works just get in touch and I will talk you through it.
Thats what i’m here for.
Your “MONEY” is becoming worthless.
Everyone is working longer hours, earning the same “money” yet it buys you less!
For some reason we have decided to accept this as “the way it is
Paper money was only ever meant to be a gold substitute yet we have all been conned into thinking ts what we should have.
Change your devaluing worthless paper money for gold. 
If you can afford to buy an oz from a dealer do it. If, like 99% of the population, you can’t then buy from Karatbars.

$20/€20/£20 is buying less and less ever year yet the banks tell us to leave our money with them to get eaten away by charges! Crazy.
To find out about a better way to save click the link below.
“Karatbars International has developed solid long term partnerships with companies such as Master Card & Fedex for payments & deliveries!”
Karatbars is the cheapest way to buy 999.9 gold in small weights
Every day someone tries to argue that Karatbars is expensive purely because they don’t understand gold pricing. (Which is not their fault!)
Once they watch my video on pricing they realise their mistake. Spot price is NOT retail price, NOT all gold is 999.9 grade and not all websites are telling the truth!
Once customers watch the recording it all makes sense. EG: 1 x 5g card today works out less than €40 per g!
Watch it now »
What does 250,000 Customers in123 Countries over 5 years tell you?
When I became involved with Karatbars in 2013 there were only 60,000 affiliates and customers in 57 countries.
The great thing about this company is that they are only half way through a ten year plan to open in 194 countries.
The company are opening their own bank, there is a new website in development, new products and much much more to come in the next few years.
Find out more »
Why do 90%+ of Salespeople fail?  
The reason is a lot simpler than people think and its NOT the company, Its NEVER the products… It’s due to the statistics opposite.
I have been training direct sales people for nineteen years and the statistics are exactly the same no matter what the industry is.
Online/Offline the results are the same. I’ve been looking for a new laptop for a month and have been to half a dozen places so far.
If 80% of the sales are made on the fifth to twelfth contact and only 10% of people make more than three contacts you can see the reason for yourself. 
Now that you know this information you CANNOT fail… Keep going and won’t be part of the 90%.
(My succes plan attached ensures you won’t be).  
My first sales position was with a large International company and sales statistics were one of the first things we learned.
My role as a Sales Manageris to manage your expections, give you advice and give you the best possible chance of succeeding.
Did you know? 
I registered 12 customers in Karatbars before I had my first sale, my 25th registration was my second. 
2 years later 12 of those first 12 are now customers because I kept in touch. 
What I know for a 100% statistical fact is that there are no easier sales business than Karatbars.
Yes…. It’s like selling a barking duck because people don’t know gold is real money, they assume its an investment.
The same as I did before I got involved.
Once they have seen my presentation in full and learn about the reason for Karatbars everything changes.
You simply need to ask people to watch the presentation and leave everything else to me. If you need help writing ads or anything like that just get in touch.
Until next time…
Brian McGinty
Find out more about Karatbars »
Why most people fail at sales. 
What happens when you stick at it – Massive rewards available with Karatbars as it has proven over five successful years.

New 3D Metal Cards Now On Sale 

 *Click the image above to see them in the website

Ensure your success in Karatbars or any direct sales business with my “100 Squares to Success Plan”attached to this email.

Brian McGinty – Karatbars VIP
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