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Brian McGinty here – Karatbars VIP.
You are receiving this update as you are a registered customer/affiliate in my Global Karatbars Group.
When I started with Karatbars in 2013 I was an organisation of one. Only eighteen months later I am supporting 3800+ customers and affiliates in 100+ countries.
I now have a new office, dedicated Karatbars telephone numbers and this Newsletter is the next stage of my ongoing support to you.
My support lines are open 24/7 and customers/affiliates can communicate with me via Skype, Email, Viber, Whatsap from every continent at any time.
Please note: I have direct access to Head Office via Skype and can answer 90% of support queries faster than them. Try me before sending in support tickets. 
If you want build a large Karatbars business and want to copy my success you can do that by reading my blog which records my Karatbars progress from the very first day.
Then just get in touch for some one to one training and advice.
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Login to your account regularly
Hundreds of people are leaving thousands of euros/dollars sitting on the shelf with Karatbars.
Have you logged in to see how many affiliates and customers you have aquired that I or someone else has placed there for you?
One lady I spoke to this week didnt realise she has over €12,000 in units available.
Once in the website check the “team statistics” section and click “dual system”
Never try to explain Karatbars
Karatbars is difficult to explain because people assume gold is about investing.
Karatbars is a category creator, there is no box for people to put it in. The general public don’t even know gold is money. (I didnt!)
I record a presentation every few weeks and place it on a generic webpage for you so you NEVER have to explain anything. Let the presentation do the explaining/selling.
If someone watches it and has questions simply give them my details and i’ll take over.I do all the work and you earn all the commissions. I have created a simple selling system anyone can follow.
“Karatbars International has developed solid long term partnerships with companies such as Master Card & Fedex for payments & deliveries!”
Karatbars is the cheapest way to buy 999.9 gold in small weights
Every day someone tries to argue that Karatbars is expensive purely because they don’t understand gold pricing. (Not their fault!)
Once they watch my video on pricing they realise their mistake. Spot price is NOT retail price, NOT all gold is 999.9 grade and not all websites are telling the truth!
Once customers watch the recording it all makes sense. EG: 1 x 5g card today works out less than €40 per g!
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What does 250,000 Customers in123 Countries over 5 years tell you?
When I became involved with Karatbars in 2013 there were only 60,000 affiliates and customers in 57 countries.
The great thing about this company is that they are only half way through a ten year plan to open in 194 countries.
The company are opening their own bank, there is a new website in development, new products and much much more to come in the next few years.
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Karatbars isn’t about investing in gold
People don’t realise that owning gold is a hedge against inflation and thats why you should own it….Not as an investment as many assume.
A home in the UK in 1970 would have cost £11,000 and now it is over £200,000. Therefore putting the money you earn in a pension or a bank is crazy when you consider inflation, bank fees and other charges.
If I give the bank €100 of my money today for a pension which I might get in 20 years… What will €100 buy me then?
Every financial expert advises owning precious metals but 99% of the worlds population can’t afford to because its sold by the oz or kilo. Karatbars is the solution for those millions of people.
It is Karatbars mission and my mission to let the public know taking possession of their own bullion is now a possibility.. Even if it’s just one card at a time.
That’s all for today, I hope you enjoyed this new format. Your feedback and suggestions are always welcome.
Have a fantastic week in whatever you are up to…
Brian McGinty
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(Above)Would you rather have paper money or gold money?
(Below) 1g, 2.5g and 5g cards from Karatbars

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Brian McGinty – Karatbars VIP
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