Beepxtra 2015 – Time for Action

Good afternoon,
                       Hopefully by now you will have watched the “now money” video in the back office and will understand how you can go out and earn a full time living with Beepxtra.

If you haven’t register for a Beep account yet just click

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Being paid $250 / €210 commission per store now makes Beepxtra a fantastic job prospect for many people.
If you haven’t see it just click its the “now money” video.
Beepxtra is a Direct Sales company, it requires Sales People to walk into businesses and physically sell a product. 
If you want a quick recap of what that product is click
Taking that into account I did have two conversations today with people who said they “didn’t have time to go to stores themselves” so “what shouldthey do?”
The answer is… Find some people who do, send them an invite and register them in your team. 
If you can’t be a sales person then you need to recruit/find some sales people.  Basically…Send out your invites to every person you know who needs a job. .
Start sending them at  –
If they do want to start just pass them to me for training and support. Maximum reward for minimum effort!
Where can you find Sales People? 
Pretty much anyone can explain how Beepxtra works and there is €210 per store up for grabs for a €250 sale!
That’s 85% commission plus a  0.33% of turnover, ongoing residual income which is one fantastic sales package. 
For leads in the UK/Ireland  I use a company called Advert Anywhere  Click HERE  for information.
They place generic adverts on job sites, get the responses and I buy the leads from them.
Every country has at least one job site… Just place some adverts for direct sales people and wait for people to call you.
Remember: Three sales per week is €600 or €2400 per month and your customers will love the product they buy!  It really is a no lose opportunity for any sales person.
What about my telephone bill for recruiting? 
I was asked this too today so let me cover it.
I use a company called Sonetel who are a global telecoms company. Basically I pay them €10 per month and get free calls to dozens of countries.
Click HERE to check it out.
You can also set up a local number /freephone number in many countries.
Get in touch
I am at my desk every day waiting for your calls, emails, texts etc. There is no such thing as a stupid question if you don’t know the answer!
I can help you with direct sales training, recruiting, advertisements, job site ad copy, sourcing materials, strategy etc etc..
I can also take calls from potential new Beepstores, if they have questions you can’t answer just pass them on to me. Its ok not to know everything when you start a new job and i’m here every day as your support manager.
Got Beep questions or need help?
Beepxtra UK                             Beepxtra Ireland  
Freephone 0800 0988 331          Freephone 1800 817 061
Landline 028 2014 0004             Landline 048 2014 0004
Mobile 07511650427                  Mobile 004475 1165 0427
USA Toll Free –  +1 8888 029327
FREE – Cell/Viber/Whatsap –  00447511650427
90% of all calls/emails and texts answered within 15 minutes
That’s all for this week….  Its January…. Get started…
Have another  look at for a quick start guide to Beepxtra!

Brian McGinty –  ( CSC – Hon – Global Sales Consultant)