Karatbars Scam – Karatbars Ponzi – AMF – Pricing – The Facts


The internet is full of scam, schemes, ponzis and all that and as owner of www.onlinecompanyreview.com  and  www.bmcgconsulting.com my company seeks to help people avoid them. I have nearly twenty years direct experience, reviewing and consulting on direct sales companies.

Currently my business is helping over 14,000 people in 150+ countries with their home businesses.



I have been disgusted by some of the blog posts that have been written over the past few months saying things like “karatbars scam” “Karatbars ponzi scheme” etc and I have resisted the urge to reply until now.



Normally if you forget about these idiots they go away but they seem to be sticking around this time….Hence this post….


Why would people write scam posts about Karatbars if they are not true? 


These people wait until a company has 100,000+ members and are in good growth… then they strike… They know people are searching for information so its a good time to get a keyword rich blog post out!

In the past week two Karatbars affiliates I spoke to were really freaked out when a customer told them Karatbars was a scam!!!  So would you be if it was your business!


Karatbars Scam Karatbars Ponzi – AMF – The Facts

Please read this post and watch this video as I uncover why Karatbars scam, karatbars ponzi scheme blog posts have suddenly started appearing.


Watch and learn…. This applies to other companies too… not just Karatbars.




Now does it make sense? 

I review and warn people about the dangers of scam, ponzi schemes … but I do not embellish stories and I check with people in the companies before I write a post. I also don’t fill my posts with key words just to sell Google ad space. (You will notice is no Google ad space on my blog!)


After all these years working with direct sales companies I can categorically state that none is fairer or more transparent than Karatbars International. (I DO NOT/Have not work/worked with or endorse MLMS, pyramid or ponzi schemes).



Karatbars Scam Karatbars Ponzi – AMF – The Facts



Karatbars is simply a direct sales company that grows through word of mouth marketing. Customers BUY products and have them delivered and this has been happening without fail for many years now.


Where is the scam in that exactly?

That is why companies like mine, Mastercard and Fedex work with Karatbars International!!


AMF – The AMF warning was issued on the basis that they thought Karatbars was an investment company which it clearly isn’t.


People buy product and it is delivered.. end of story. Quebec is one small territory in a big world of 122 Karatbars Countries who got their facts wrong… In fairness to them I can see why and its not their fault.


People ASSUME you buy gold as an investment… That’s not why people buy gold from Karatbars. They buy as a hedge against inflation and because gold is true money. Currency (the dollar, euro) is not money and is worthless in reality. Karatbars is allowing the “average joe” the chance to own and take possession of his own physical gold bullion in and easy and convenient way.


People also buy as a means of saving, they buy gift and collectors card… Companies buy branded cards for marketing purposes. There is a whole product range available for sale.


Karatbars is 100% free to join, It costs nothing for a customer to be a customer, It costs nothing for an affiliate to become and affiliate and make money. Karatbars does not charge any monthly, yearly fee’s to become an affiliate or customer either. They have no forced purchases, there is no pyramid as these scam bloggers imagine.


Want to know why people are buying gold from Karatbars? Watch this independent video for the answer.



 Karatbars Scam Karatbars Ponzi – AMF – The Facts

PRICING – As for pricing.. like for like in nearly EVERY country in the world where Karatbars operates you CANNOT buy 1 gram/2.5gram or 5 gram cheaper. There may be the odd one but two years into working with Karatbars I have yet to find one. I explain this in detail on my sites.

Many sites have minimum orders, (10 grams or $250), some have subscriptions, inflated delivery…. lots of tricks to inflate the price at checkout they are actually advertising on the home page.

Today with karatbars the price for example is €34-37 per gram for a 5 gram card with free storage and you only need to register for free to find that out. (€34 per gram with discount voucher and commissions earned deducted).

Karatbars Prices


Bloggers don’t bother to find out the truth do they??


This video also explains the pricing  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K1GGeO5LzkU&list=UUP-mUOpZVF5sgvF5eEwXfqQ

IF Karatbars was expensive why would they have 200,000+ registered customers in 122 countries?… Are they all deluded but these bloggers are correct?


Karatbars is a five year old business with a rock solid history of delivery and paying commissions.


I PERSONALLY have 3400 happy customers and affiliates in my group in 100+ countries and NONE are unhappy. I have never had one single cancellation! They are buying 999.9 bullion at the best price.


 Karatbars Scam – Karatbars Ponzi – AMF – Pricing – The Facts


Find two people who get two people?

Some bloggers have been saying Karatbars is a two get two business?? Trying to imply it is a pyramid structure.

Two getting two?? Nowhere, anywhere in Karatbars International does it state that you have to get 2 to get 2 and all that. Some affiliates may have said that as part of THEIR team building efforts but that’s NOTHING to do with the company and not something I or anyone in my group would ever promote. It’s a legitimate team building strategy used by networkers in mlm for years but has never ever even been mentioned by Karatbars International.


There is no truth in this whatsoever… No need to recruit to earn money at all in fact. 

You can opt into the dual system, you can buy a marketing pack, you can help the company grow by telling others about the company which is word of mouth, affiliate marketing…

Not a scam, not a ponzi scheme, not illegal!

What is the alternative if you want to grow globally?

Karatbars opens 122 offices in 122 countries and employs managers, staff, sales people etc in every one??



My issue with scam blog posts like this is that there are many people who have invested TIME in getting their businesses running, have built their customer base and posts like this only cost good people time and money.


These bloggers are damaging peoples lives and livelihood… They are poisoning a good company to sell Google ad space.



They may have a legitimate argument with some scam reviews but with Karatbars they are way off the mark.


They really really should have a good think about the damage they are doing to everyday peoples lives. They are not exposing anything with Karatbars because there is nothing to expose. No one loses anything because no one is investing in anything.


Karatbars the business – the facts from start to finish….



That video will show you exactly what Karatbars is about. It explains the products, the business and how it all fits together.

You will see how if you buy a Karatbars marketing pack you get a big box of marketing material and products from Fedex, if you buy gold you get a Fedex delivery of gold…Simple. No fee’s, no subscriptions, nothing else to pay ever. I would urge them to register on the site and check things out before writing posts like this.


karatbars silver package


Common sense isn’t that common


I urge everyone to do their due dilligence on Karatbars and any company… Just as I did … but I also want you to listen to these indisputable facts and use common sense.


  • Blogs that are full of Google ads are designed to sell ads.
  • Bloggers use words such as ponzi and scam to get clicks to their sites
  • Every negative post you read is using the same “scam” ponzi filled text and format.
  • The AMF warning was misinformed and inaccurate, they should have checked the facts before issuing anything.
  • It only applies to people in Quebec anyway so unless you intend moving there I wouldn’t worry about it.
  • Karatbars have been operating without upsetting any customers or affiliates for five years.
  • You will not find negative posts from customers or affiliates. What does that tell you?
  • Karatbars is NOT an investment company. It is a product selling company.
  • Karatbars sell a range of products and they are delivered to customers.
  • Karatbars prices are VERY VERY competitive. Please send me a link if you can find like for like gold cheaper.
  • Karatbars is FREE to join as a customer or affiliate…. Try it  www.karatcustomer.com
  • Buying a marketing pack is optional and a one off payment.
  • A marketing pack is filled with more value than the money you pay for it. It is tools, product, leaflets, brochures etc.
  • Karatbars do not endorse any two get two strategy.
  • There are no monthly fee’s, subscriptions or charges like every MLM has.
  •  Karatbars has over 200,000 registered affiliates and customers in 122 countries.


Imagine this was a prosecution case…  I think the defence would win!! Don’ you?  Not that karatbars have anything to defend as they ahve not done a single thing wrong.


make money online


Bad news is halfway round the world and good news is still getting his shoes on!


Unfortunately good news doesn’t sell! If someone does a search for Karatbars they ALWAYS type Karatbars scam, Karatbars ponzi. etc. This means the bloggers posts always appear at the top. Every time someone clicks one of their links it moves them up in Google. This is why they always get found first.


People believe the bad news before the good and so on it goes. Over time they will disappear as karatbars grows but in the mean time the poor affiliates and customers in the company have to deal with the negativity.


Is Karatbars a scam? Is Karatbars a ponzi? Of course it isn’t and the sooner these scammy, gutter press bloggers realise that the better.


I have filled this post with the words Karatbars scam, karatbars ponzi to try and get to the top of google myself with the truth. If you would like to help Karatbars fight back it would be great of you could share this post on all your social media.


The only scammers are the people writing these posts and to be honest I have had enough of them. Time to put some truth back out there.


Just to finish on a lighter note…

Church … Pope… Cardinals, Bishops, Priests…. Pyramid… 

Government – President … Governors, Local councils, civil service…   Pyramid. 

School, Head teacher, Department heads, Teachers, Pupils…. Pyramid

Supermarket,  Manager, Dept Managers, Full Time staff, part time staff…. Pyramid… 


When did we suddenly start hating pyramids???



I personally have nothing against pyramid structures, as long as you are at the top. If you start your own business you are automatically at the top.

Governments have been stealing peoples taxes for years promising them a pension…. Now there is isn’t as much as they said their was… Your pension doesnt buy you anything near what it could when you paid it in!! Plus not everyone gets paid…  Sounds like a ponzi scheme to me!!! lol

If you want straightforward advice on starting a home business then you first of all have to take a look at the facts and not believe everything you read on the internet. These people are clever writing these posts… I’m hoping I can educate people to be even smarter.

Karatbars is a good honest company which is selling a great product line and it is the simplest, fairest best managed direct sales company I have worked with in nearly twenty years.




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