Karatbars Gold Live Webinar 29th October 2014

I have know about Karatbars International for several years and finally got around to joining the company in early 2013. In the past eighteen months I have built up a team of 3200+ affiliates and customers in 100+ countries.  The following presentation explains exactly how I have done that and how you can easily do the same.



Anyone who can follow simple instructions can be successful with Karatbars. It is a new but simple concept and is about buying products. If your customers buy your products you earn commissions.. it really is a simple as that.


Karatbars is not an investment company and no one is investing in anything as the following video explains. 



If you have not already register for your FREE Karatbars account simply click www.karataffiliate.com



Karatbars Gold Live Webinar 29th October 2014

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Karatbars Gold Live Webinar 29th October 2014

The important thing to remember about Karatbars international is that it is not an MLM. You can register for free and start earning money for free. Karatbars charge no monthly fee’s and there are no autoships or forced monthly purchases. If you do decide that you want to build an affiliate network you simply buy a marketing pack which is a one off cost.

One off cost! That is so so important! No monthly or yearly fee’s which means only money coming in!


Karatbars Gold

Karatbars Gold Live Webinar 29th October 2014

I have been in the direct sales industry for 18+ years and there is no better product to sell than gold. It does not have a product lifecycle, it is know by everyone on the planet, no one is going to bring out 25 Karat gold next year and therefore your customers/affiliates will not leave.


With my support and help there is also no possible way that you can fail. I have coached and trained people who have never even used a computer and now they have large Karatbars businesses. I have students in my group who work a few hours per week and pensioners who build their business entirely offline!


No matter what your skills are you can build a Karatbars business quickly and easily.


Anyone joining my team through this link will get a €100 discount code to use of K-Exchange, A VIP Package or branding cards.


Anyone joining my team as an affiliate will also get two paid members placed under them to ensure they get off to a fast start. This is something I do to help and encourage new people in the business. If you have any question on any of this please get in touch on any of the numbers below.

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