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Karatbars Ireland – karatbars UK Update

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Karatbars Ireland – karatbars UK Update


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What a journey that was!
                                    Now back in Ireland after eleven years in Portugal! The opportunity to build Karatbars in Ireland/UK is so huge I would have been crazy not to make the move. Click my Facebook link above if you want to see where I am living.
With over 3000 customers and affiliates in my group I also needed to set up a proper support office with dedicated lines and this is also much easier from Ireland. Doing business in Portugal is a nightmare anyway and Karatbars is not in Portuguese.
Moving 2000 miles north with my wife, daughter and cat should give you an idea of how serious I am about Karatbars as a business.
Karatbars UK and Ireland
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Karatbars card selection
Karatbars card selection
What does my new Ireland Base mean for you?
It means that if you or ANY of your team live in The UK, Ireland or USA you all have a freephone number to call me on as well as Skype. (Please put the numbers in your phone)
It means that I can easily drive and meet people anywhere in the UK/Ireland.
It means I am close to major airports so I can easily travel and present meetings for ANY of my team anywhere worldwide. (Contact me for details if you would like me to present a meeting)
It means I can build a proper sales force here in The UK/Ireland. I have gone from a population of 100,000 English speaking people in Portugal to 65 million!
Karatbars UK and Ireland
Trip To Stuttgart
Starting as I mean to go on I am travelling to Stuttgart, Germany next Wednesday to the Karatbars head offices. I want to see first hand what is going on and speak to the people there face to face.
I have a great relationship with the team there already so it will be great to put faces to the names.
Thank you for your feedback on this page. Just to let you know I am going to shorten the presentation over the next two weeks so look out for that.
I have just ordered my business cards from Vistaprint. As you can see below I don’t mention Karatbars anywhere on the card.
If someone were to ask me what it is about I would tell them they need to click the link. Even though I can answer ANY question they ask.

Karatbars Ireland – Karatbars UK Update

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Why do I do that? 
Karatbars is a whole new category of product, there is no box for it. You WILL NOT be able to explain it and if you try it will take you two hours and they still won’t understand.
I ask people to watch the presentation and THEN ask me questions.
My team members ask people to watch the presentation and THEN ask Brian questions.
There is no faster way to give up than to try explaining Karatbars to people. Karatbars is a real product range, its new and unique and people need to SEE it.
Customers cannot sign up from , there are no links….The viewer HAS to get back to you at the end to get YOUR sign up link. I tell them this all the way through.
Your referral link is…   (Write that down/put it in your phone) 
I get the same units whether they sign up under you or me. 
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That’s all for this update. I have a fantastic base here in Ireland now from which to help everyone in my team build successful businesses.
Text, call, email me if you need me for ANYTHING. I can supply you with my 100 squares to success plan which anyone in any country can use to build their businesses.
Brian McGinty