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Karatbars is different to 99% of online businesses or network marketing businesses because it doesn’t involve having to pay weekly, monthly or yearly fee’s. Most people give up in online businesses after a month and cancel their subscription meaning they will never open another email from that company ever again.

The problem has never ever been signing people up, it is retention….. Getting people to stay in the business.

Karatbars have completely solved this issue by not charging affiliates or customers any ongoing fees, subscriptions or charges. In simple English it means that no one ever cancels because there is nothing to cancel from! Karatbars do not have autoships or forced purchases either meaning that you do not HAVE to buy any gold if you don’t want to. How clever is that!


Karatbars customer


Karatbars VIP Package

If you are going to build your Karatbars business Karatbars offer a different commission level depending on which package you buy. Bronze Package holders get 5%, Silver 10%, Gold 15% and VIP is 20%.

I am a VIP Member so I know I get 20% commission every time someone I introduce buys a package. It really is that simple to understand. Someone can start on any package they like and simply pay the difference any time they want to upgrade.

The Karatbars VIP Package is a real marketing package, it is not a “tool suite” or access to some level!  The package contains Karatbars 1gram Gold Cards, Brochures, discount cards etc and will be delivered to your home by Fedex.

The price reflects the value you get within the pack itself and today is 1,607.36 €(Approx. US $ 2,151.93 1€ = US $ 1.3388)

The price does fluctuate as there is actually gold bullion within the package. You buy the package depending on the price that day.



Karatbars Package


Karatbars VIP Package Summer Special

VIP Package

Summer Package Special

Throughout the summer of 2014 (April 28th to August 31st) we have an additional content.
For a minimum extra cost of 45€, you will receive a bonus of six (6) x 15€ discount cards.
These 15€ discount cards are valid on our Special Gold Cards.

VIP Package

3 Gram of Gold
20 Bonus Cards 100€
10 Bonus Cards 3%


Karatbars card selection
Karatbars card selection


Karatbars VIP Package Discount codes

If you or anyone you know is interested in buying a Karatbars VIP Package please do not do it until you get in touch with me. I always keep €100 discount cards in stock which will allow you €100 of the price of your VIP Package. This would bring the price down to €1507.36 today! This would buy you two more Karatbars so well worth saving.

Just while I am on the subject of saving…. In the past year working with Karatbars I have met some fantastic people, I am earning fantastic commissions selling the ultimate product and I am saving a lot of gold along the way. There can’t be a better business where you are saving, protecting yourself against inflation and helping others do the same!


The internet is full of rubbish businesses, scams, schemes and shiny objects. Karatbars is a year business with 200,000+ customers and affiliates in 120 countries. It has been running successfully for over four years and has never missed a delivery or commission.

Many businesses have €100+ per month subscription fee’s which is €1200 per year alone. With Karatbars you are making a one off payment for life and getting a huge amount of value in the package that is actually delivered to your home!


Karatbars Delivery


What other product could you see that is know by every person on the planet over the age of 5?

What other product do you know has been desired by millions for thousands of years?

What other product do you know that doesn’t have a product life cycle?


If you are or have ever been a sales person then these should be massive factors to consider when deciding to sell anything! The problem is that governments have kept gold away from the general public for decades.



It wasn’t an option to sell pure gold to the public until Karatbars came along!


Gold was something rich people sold to rich people…. well not any more… This is the opportunity you have with Karatbars… Go and tell the world that they now can own gold again!


Karatbars VIP Package Video With Discount Codes

If you want to know how quick and easy it is to buy your package and get started just watch this short tutorial.


Karatbars Support and Help

If you need any help or support or simply want to get started in Karatbars just contact me below

Telephone  00447511 650 427 

Email latestnews@karatbarsuk.com

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