Why are so many people buying Karatbars?

200,000+ people in 120 countries can’t all be deluded! 
A company can’t keep going for four years and keep growing if it is selling a bad product! 
Most people I speak to can’t “get it” and don’t get why this business is so popular.
So why are so many people buying gold from Karatbars International? 
I have 2700+ customers and affiliates in my group so have built up a clear understanding of why…. These are my findings..
1. The main reason is that people are waking up to the fact that your money is NOT safe sitting in a bank. Ask the poor people in Cyprus if a bank can’t close the doors and turn off the ATM’s whenever they like. 
2. People are realising that if you go and put $1000 in a bank today it will NOT be worth $1000 in ten years time. Charges, fee’s and inflation are chewing away at your so called “money” sitting in a bank. 
Paper money was only ever invented as an experiment and governments promised to back up all printed money with gold. They ran out of gold but kept printing paper notes…
So what is your paper money really worth when it is backed by nothing! 
Karatbars Gold
The public are watching as the value of their money is eroding yet no one bothers to ask why!
3. People around the world have realised that gold is the only way to protect their wealth and now realise that it is not just the rich who canown physical gold. 
Before Karatbars came along the only way you could buy gold way by the ounce, kilo etc and from a dealer. At $1200 an ounce this was out of reach for 99% of the worlds population. 
Karatbars is a movement designed to allow the general public the chance to have their own gold again.  A chance for everyone to have real money that doesn’t devalue every week and month.
One gram at a time… as and when you like…. on your terms…
Karatbars are affordable and you cannot buy Pure Gold Bullion any cheaper in these quantities anywhere else. 
**I welcome any sites or links where you think you can..Send them to. latestnews@karatbarsuk.com and I will investigate.
1 gram card today is €48.66          €48.66 per gram
Classic Gold Card
2.5 gram card today is €108.02      Only €43.20 per gram! 
2.5g Karatbars Card
5 Gram card today is €192.65      Only €38.53 per gram
5g Karatbars Card
The larger the card the less it costs per gram! That’s what 99% of people don’t realise… or take the time to find out…
People tell me every week Karatbars is expensive without ever going through the product range. I don’t blame people for that, it’s only because Karatbars is a new category and people don’t understand it…. yet! 
I can even bring the €38.53 down another 3% for any customers buying solely on price. I have 3% discount cards if you or anyone would like one. 
4 Bonus Cards 3%
Neither I nor Karatbars are saying take all your money out of the bank and change it for gold…. BUT…. don’t you think it makes sense to have 15-20% of your money in physical gold. 
If you have $1200+ and you know a gold dealer use them…. If you don’t and you would like to save as you go along when you can afford to there is now an option…. Karatbars. 
Small quantities also mean that you can always change $50 or $100 or $300 back into cash if you need to… If you own an ounce you would have to sell all of it
Karatbars have been delivering cards successfully now with Fedex for four years and have never ever missed a delivery. 
This is why tens of thousands of people are choosing Karatbars as their preferred method of buying gold. 
Karatbars are like the Henry Ford of the gold world…. Gold for the masses!
Karatbars Delivery
I hope that clarifies some of the most important questions about Karatbars… For a complete overview of the business, products and tutorials please check out my You Tube channel.
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Karatbars card selection
Karatbars card selection