Karatbars Review – One Year In Karatbars

I have just passed 2700 people in my group today so welcome to all the new customers and affiliates this week. 
I’m celebrating one year in Karatbars and what a great year it’s been! The team is growing by about 100 customers/affiliate per week now. All that focus and hard work in the beginning is now paying off. 
The usual slow down in sales activity for July/August is happening as normal yet I still had over €20,000 in sales last month! ( I can’t wait to get into September again!)
Karatbars Delivery
Get started in Karatbars in a few minutes..
Some people are still unsure what to do to get started so here is a quick start guide. If you are already active you should keep this information for new people who join your team.
You can have your business up and running in under 10 minutes, earn commissions today and be paid them next Friday
That’s the beauty of Karatbars!
1. Login to   www.karatbars.com  (You can reset your password if you have forgotten it).
2. Buy a Package (Bronze €99Silver €279Gold €626VIP €1606) Its a one off cost, no monthly or yearly fee’s EVER! Its a real marketing pack and will be delivered by Fedex.
Each increase in package gives you more gold, marketing tools and a different commission level 5%, 10%, 15% or 20%.. Simple.
Use credit, debit card or bank transfer – Click https://karatbars.com/members.php?page=producttypes&pid=4  to chose.
3. Upload your ID & Proof of address. https://karatbars.com/members.php?page=kyc_upload
That’s it, done… How easy was that!..Nothing else to do or pay again ever….. Wait for your package to arrive by Fedex. 
karatbars silver package
Those three steps are super simple but if not i’ve made this short video explaining it… 
Common Karatbars myths…
You do not have to buy gold or anything for that matter, weekly monthly or yearly.
The 12 week plan was something made up by some American affiliates. You do not have to buy gold every week or bring in two people every week. 
You do not have ANY targets to hit, work at your leisure.
You do not ever have to pay any weekly, monthly or yearly fees.
You do not need to refer a single person to earn. You can earn from gold sales alone
Karatbars is not MLM and is not like any MLM business… It is important to realise this…
Once you have followed those three steps above you never have to pay for anything else ever again… No subscriptions, forced payments, autoships..nothing!
Now get some people on the webinars…… You earn commissions on your package sales and gold sales..You earn commissions on all affiliates and customers you bring in.
Karatbars card selection
Karatbars card selection
Karatbars Income Example
EG: I am a VIP so I earn 20% commission on package sales…
Week 1 –  I sell 2 VIP Packages = 2 x €321 commission,    I earn  €642
Week 2 – I sell 2 Gold packages = 2 x €124 commission,  I earn €248
Week 3 – I sell 2 Silver packages = 2 x €55 commission,    I earn €110
Week 4 –  I sell 2 bronze Packages = 2 x €10 commission   I earn €20
My personal goal is two new affiliates per week… you can set whatever goal you like. It could be 1 silver package a month… Karatbars does not put any affiliate under any pressure to do anything.
Month 1 – Total package earnings  €1020 
When I say “sell”…. I mean I ask people to watch the daily webinars and they do the selling… I never explain Karatbars or answer questions until someone has watched a live presentation.
Over 50% of people who watch a live presentation join Karatbars… Fact… Without any assistance from me…
Could I answer questions? Yes……. Do I? …. No!  The webinars do that….
I have never and will never sell Karatbars to anyone..Yet I have a team of 2700 ….. I am a webinar promoter… The webinars do the selling 
This means ANYONE on the planet can build Karatbars… as long as they can remember www.karatbarswebinar.com and the daily times..  (12pm 7 9pm EST)
If someone can concentrate on simple repetition, concentrate on sending people to webinars and forget everything else they cannot fail.
Karatbars Gold
Units….More earning! 
I also get units for my sales…  75 units = 1 cycle which is €80 (25 on one side and 50 on the other)
2 x VIPs gives me 200 units, 2 x golds 100 units, 2 x silver 40 units, 2 x Bronze 10 units
390 units = 5 cycles which is another €400
Most importantly for me in this example is that I now have eight people in my downline who are going to also get their packages and hopefully begin building their businesses too.
I have been in this industry for eighteen years and only in Karatbars for one year…. In that year I have built an organisation of over 2700 people…. I am earning over $5000 per month and I have a load of Karatbars Gold Bullion in my house….
Karatbars have supplied us with the website and products. (Gold is the ultimate product!) 
Karatbars complete the deliveries by Fedex. (Successfully for 4 years
Karatbars pay us every Friday on a Mastercard (Never missed a commission)
Someone else does the daily webinars for us. (Every day of the week)
If anyone knows a better product than gold or an easier business to build i’d love to know what it is…
Online Company Review
Whats The “catch” the “downside” the “difficult” bit
The catch is that you are working for yourself, you have to motivate yourself!  Most people who start in any direct sales company cannot make a commitment to stick at it for six months.
75% of people who join my team will bring in 3 referrals and give up.. that’s just life…That’s just sales people and applies to all sales companies… not just Karatbars.
I have registered 377 personal referrals… about one person a day…Hardly salesman of the year material considering its a free registration.
Karatbars, because there are no subscriptions, allows you to give up as many times as you like and still just pick up where you left off. 
That’s what make Karatbars different to every other online business out there…. It supports those who give up, doesn’t penalise them and welcomes them back…
karatbars silver package
Don’t take my word for all this….
Don’t forget to check out our private Facebook group where you can talk to ordinary people who are earning  $10,000, $20,000 per week in Karatbars….They just have been doing Karatbars for 3/4 years…. Commitment + time = high earnings.
(Just say you are in Brian McGintys Group if asked)
I’m looking forward to my second year in Karatbars. I’ve met some great people and have had a great time in the business.  Thanks for joining me on this incredible journey….
Brian McGinty  – Karatbars VIP
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