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Eighteen years ago I started working in direct sales companies and have regularly made over $20,000 in a month. I now live beside the ocean in sunny Portugal with my wife, my eight week old daughter and my cat!

In those eighteen years I have never ever seen an eaiser, more univesal business than Karatbars.

I made thousands last month from people simply buying Karatbars Gold Products from my site and many people in the Karatbars family are earning $20,000, $30,000+ per week. 

That’s not per month or year…. per week!

Karatbars sell a product you don’t have to describe, there are no monthly fee’s, no autoships, no subscriptions, it’s not MLM and no one ever ever cancels in your business. 

If a pensioner can buy a $200,000 car with her Karatbars earnings then why can’t you? 

It doesn’t matter if you are interested in Gold, forget about whether you THINK other people are interested in Gold, Forget about whether you THINK Karatbars prices are low or high, Forget about what you THINK about Karatbars full stop.

The FACTS show that over 120,000 people in 119 countries do love Karatbars, It is one of the fastest growing businesses on the internet

People out there do want to change their paper money to gold and Karatbars is the only safe way to do it in affordable amounts.

I was as surprised as anyone at the fact I grew a team of 1800+ customers and affiliates in eight months. My business is growing around the world every hour and I am making money while I sleep.

I don’t care what your experince is, where you live, your age, your budget I can help you do the sameif you want to.

I need five new people to train in the next six months.

My initial group are now up, running and earning so I need new trainees. If you think you would like to be earning $5000+ by Christmas I can help you acheive this if you can follow these simple instructions.

1. Register for your free account at

2. Watch any daily webinar recording at

Monday – Sunday EVERY DAY    12pm  & 9pm  Eastern Standard Time EST –  (5pm and 2am UK time).

DIFFERENT leaders do these every day. My slot is 12pm EST on a Sunday.

I also do a private team webinar every Wednesday at  2.30pm EST (7.30pm UK)

If for some reason you work seven days a week and 16 hours a day you can watch all the recordings on my Yout Tube Channel  HERE

My training is free and as my existings teams will testify I am always available to support you.

You can test this by Skyping, emailing or even calling me now.

Skype ID  onlinecompanyreview

Tel: 00351 967151719


Until next time…

Brian McGinty

Karatbars VIP – Global Team Manager