Karatbars Bronze Package Tutorial


Many of my usual readers may have noticed that my updates have not been as frequesnt over the past few weeks. That’s because my daughter Emily came into The World so I have been trying to take some Paternity leave to make sure I don’t miss any of her first weeks.


The great news is she is doing great as is her Mum. The great thing about working online is that I also get to spend all day with both of them if I want to! So anyway… enough about me… Let’s get back to Karatbars.


Karatbars bronze Package 

When people join most online businesses they have to pay a joining fee and then pay a monthly subscription. The great thing with Karatbars is that you are not paying any joining fees and no monthly subscriptions either.

When you decide to spend €99 / $137 on a Karatbars Bronze Package you are actually buying a real marketing package, a real box will appear at your home, (By Fedex), and in that package will be your brochures and tools with which you can grow your Karatbars business.


Karatbars  Package
A Karatbars Package (Silver)




Why choose the Karatbars Bronze Pacakge?

The Karatbars Bronze package is a starter package. A bronze Package member gets to take part in the Dual System meaning they get 5% commission on future package sales and €10 every time they get a cycle. If someone is a Bronze Package Member and they want to upgrade to one of the higher packages they can do that at any time by simply paying the difference.


If you decide to join at the bronze level you can begin building your business and use your commissions to upgrade later if you wish. The Bronze Package simply means that everyone can afford to get involved with Karatbars.


How to Buy your Karatbars bronze Package 


Please watch this short video which will show you how to buy your Package.



I hope that all makes sense for you now. Please look out for the others in this tutorial series. I will be explaining the Silver, Gold, Vip and VIP Exclusive Pacages in future posts.

If you need any help now in deciding please give me a call on any of the nubers/contacts below.

I help over 1500 people with their Karatbars business in 100+ countries and can help you build your own successful business.

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