Top 3 Easy Ways To Build A Downline

I have been in direct sales for eighteen years and have been working online since 2005. In that time I have tried hundreds of ways to recruit people and spent thousands on things finding out they didn’t work.


I have tried every traffic exchange on the market, solo ad providers, buying lists, leads, systems of every shape and size and have even tried to buy downlines and 99% are a load of rubbish.

I now have over 5000 people in my existing downlines so I know the following methods work… Just test them and you will see they do too.

These are my Top 3 Easy Ways To Build A Downline. 


1. Write a blog….

This is by far the most time consuming option but once you get it up and running it is a great way to give you credibility and show that you are going to be around for the long term. (It takes about 30 minutes per post once you get up and running and takes 1 hour to set up.


People don’t just want to join a business, they want to join someone who knows about the business. A blog is a great way to show you know your business. You can have one exactly like mine for just $25 per month and you can set it up HERE


Most people give up on blogging because they don’t see a result in a week. There must be a reason I keep doing it after all this time?  If you can’t spare or commit to a few hours per week maybe a home business is not for you anyway.


Having nothing to write is also no reason not to do it. I could give you ten blog posts for any business in ten minutes. Once you start you won’t have time to write all the things you want to…. Trust me!!



2. Solo Ads 

What is a solo ad? Some people are professional list builders and they will charge you to send an email out to their list. You just write the short email you want sent and pay them to email it out.

This is a MINEFIELD for new people because there are loads of scam providers.

Good news is that there is one site which has been going for years and you can verify how good the lists are because everyone gets a score!

Just buy clicks to your site from people with high feedback scores. It is called Safe Swaps and even better news is that it only costs from around $17 per 50 clicks… Open your Free account HERE


IBO Toolbox – Facebook but for business owners.

Imagine Facebook but not full of people moaning about their marriage breakup. That’s Independent Business Owner Toolbox. You can join for free and write press releases, talk to people, share links and do lots of things for free.

The secret to IBO Toolbox is that the people on there already have a business, a lot have online businesses so you are talking to warm leads as it were.

I have been using IBO Toolbox for two year and will always use it. It gets ten out of ten from me… Its the first site I open every morning!

Register for your Free IBO Toolbox account HERE

working from home tips


Choosing the correct business to promote

If you use these three tools you will never ever have to spend any money anywhere else doing anything else.


It is also important of course to be promoting a business that is actually easy to build, that duplicates easy and that is established. If I could give everyone one piece of advice it is STOP JOINING PRE-LAUNCHES!


Too many people are losing their shirts, wives, homes etc because of the endless churning out of pre-launch businesses. Matrixs, cyclers etc are all just dressed up scams and even if you are making money it is not long term and you are basically stealing it off the people you bring in…. Harsh but fair!





Examples of safe easy businesses to promote….


I promote Karatbars for example which has been around for four years and has over 100,000 affiliates and customers in 114 countries. You could join that today and be making a great income in 3-6 months…. So why jump on some pre-launch? You can find out about Karatbars HERE


I also promote Beepxtra because it is free, it is live and you can make money with it now? I also happen to know the owners very well but thats not the point. the point is I am not risking anything in a free business. Beepxtra information HERE


I also happen to have almost 4000 team members in those tow businesses alone using the three methods I listed above so I do not need to prove they work more than that.


Timing is nothing! Don’t believe all the hype around new businesses…. 3500+ came and went inside 2013 and if you want the list I can send it to you.


Good luck with your downline building…. It’s not as hard as you think when you have the correct tools, products and advice. 

I hope this has been useful and as always you can contact me on any of the media below…

Brian… 🙂

Brian McGinty
Skype  onlinecompanyreview