Karatbars 12 week Plan 


My update this week is going to be shorter than normal and with very good reason. I now have seventeen affiliates in my team who now need my help and support to grow their businesses.


All information for new starters in Karatbars is also on www.onlinecompanyreview.com  (Another reason why I write my blog as it free’s me up at this stage) 





Karatbars Team Building 

When building an online business your first few is primarily taken up with getting registrations and referrals. If you get those 20+ registrations quickly like I have then you will find that you spend more and more time helping your team members.


Once you have got 5-10 team members up and running you can then reap the rewards for all your hard work.





This is why a FAST START, three month, 12 week or 90 day burst of work is so important.


Get your initial team built fast and then help them. Read more about that HERE




Karatbars – My Week 7 Results


I now have 17 people in my team who have bought at least a Silver Package. If you don’t know what that means click HERE


It just means they have bought a marketing pack which includes a 1 Gram Card so they can show people what it looks like.  *Seeing is believing and all that. 


My Karatbars Silver Marketing Pack

The silver costs €249 but you can also by the same pack with less bonus cards and without an actual gold card for just €99


Where have a found these 17 referrals who joined my Karatbars team?



This is the thing with Karatbars…. You don’t need to sell it!  After seven weeks I have realised that the simplest option works best in the case of Karatbars. 


Give people your link…  Mine is  http://www.karatbars.com/?s=premierteam  (Yours has your username at the end instead of premierteam  


**Everyone who registers with Karatbars gets these links for free. 


Do not try and target people, do not decide who you think will like Karatbars and who won’t…  Everyone and anyone is promoting this business.


I can see that by looking through the massive range of people in my group.



Give everyone you know the chance to check Karatbars out for themselves.



Remember they are under NO OBLIGATION, They do not have to buy anything… Why would someone not register and have a look? 


Ask everyone you know or have contact with to…


1. Click your link and have a look through the site.  

2. Register as a free affiliate without any commitment or obligation

3. Get back to you if they have any questions. 


Let the site do the selling!  Trust in the business.


Karatbars banner




What if they have more questions? 



Once they have registered just send them to my blog to get all their questions answered and ask them to watch one of the live webinars every day at 12pm and 5pm EST


I am also sitting here at my desk every day and happy to take calls from your potential team at no cost. (Which other business will do that for you?) 


You will realise the following after a few weeks in Karatbars


You will find that people will love the back office, they will do their own research and when they finish doing that will start building their own Karatbars business.


They won’t find better gold prices, they won’t have seen an easier way to earn online and they won’t find better support in any other company.


My Karatbars Earnings


I have not expected to earn much up to this point in the 12 week plan but I have already made much more than I thought.






*I have a team of 17 working so that is €69 per referral if you want to look at it like that.



*My team of 17 has further grown to over 150 because people are finding Karatbars easy to build!  – Its a complete no brainer of a business. 


*My earnings will only increase over time and I earn from all purchases in my group


I earn from the ENTIRE GROUP! ….  Another thing for you to get your head around! 


And its paid every Friday on to my Company Issued Karatbars Mastercard. 🙂


karatbars training



Karatbars Seven Week Update….



This was supposed to be short this week but the more I write the more I can think to write. In eighteen years in direct sales I have never come across a better product.



Gold is Gold Is Gold! Always was and always will be… there won’t be a better 24karat gold next year!  The product range is also just going to grow with the business!


special gold cards



My advice is to get started today, get with the twelve week plan and you will be earning great money with Karatbars by Christmas. (12 week plan video below….)



If you are looking for a catch there are none. Karatbars is a direct sales company which has decided to go down the online route!



Its not an MLM trying to trip you up. Forget about what you know from other businesses!


Karatbars in a sentence….


Karatbars is a simple gold savings business with a 100% unique product and they are looking for promoters. You earn on every gram saved in your team.



*Like Avon but with a much more valuable product line!


Karatbars Information and Support



If you have any questions about Karatbars please contact me on;


Skype –  onlinecompanyreview  (New Skype ID) 


Tel:  00447511650 427   Email: support@onlinecompanyreview.com


Karatbars Live Webinar Recording