Karatbars 12 Week Plan 16th September – Week 5 Results. 


You do not NEED referrals to make money with Karatbars but MY strategy involves finding ONLY 2 PER WEEK FOR 12 WEEKS.

*This is not a company policy, Karatbars is not a typical MLM business. Getting two referrals per week is my idea and what I teach my team to do. 


Karatbars is the first company I would have 100% confidence in recommending ANYONE to. 





Friends, family, teachers, doctors, postman, students, retired people… ANYONE.. There is no risk to their money as they are only swapping paper money for a superior currency! 


Karatbars banner



No risk for affiliates.… They  can start for FREE, on a €99 Bronze pack, €249 Silver pack, €595 Gold Pack or €1595 VIP pack.




Each level up means you receive more gold delivered, marketing tools as well as higher commissions. I started on the Silver package and can upgrade any time I wish. (Which I will)

Bigger packages means you are buying more actual PRODUCT to help promote your business. 







I do not care if you have never turned on a computer in your life… ANYONE can make money with Karatbars. There is no easier,safer way to make money online.



Karatbars –  My Week 5 Commissions


16th Septcommission




Just to be clear on that..  that’s €755 after only 5 weeks from a starting point of €249 and with a plan to only find two people per week to copy me.



I only want my personal business to turnover 2 x €249 per week for 12 weeks! 


Stop thinking about Karatbars as an “online” business and treat it as if you were opening a shop in the high street. There IS NO difference.



You need to open it every day, you need to advertise, you need customers to look at your product and then you need to close the sales. 

I have found my 2 sales this week…  I have registered 37 people on my site  over 5 weeks by giving hundreds my link.   Not all customers buy, some just window shop! 






Out of those 37 people ten have bought Silver packages and one has bought a Gold package. These were my sales. 







Due to my consistent sales over the past few weeks I have now moved up to Silver Supervisor in the compensation plan. This means I will now earn 3.5% on all gold saved/bought in my organisation.



silver supervisor



Just by doing the same simple things but by doing them consistently. Any business, online or offline takes commitment.


Where am I finding these customers and sales?


Imagine you had a shop and there was a trade fair! Somewhere you could go and show people your business and they would all already be interested!



It exists online and it is called IBO Toolbox (Internet Business Owners Toolbox)


It is a free site where you can literally spend all day talking to other people about Karatbars or any other online business you own.


Think Facebook but with warm leads… People who already own online businesses!


You can write press releases about Karatbars, you can send messages, call people…  And did I mention its free. 🙂 


I am on IBO every day, I connect with people very day and I tell people about Karatbars every day! And why would I not?



Karatbars is not some MLM, Ponzi or Scam!



Your customers are simply exchanging €50 in one hand for €50 of 999.9 Currency Grade 24 Karat Gold in the other.



They are buying Gold at today’s price. 


They cannot buy it cheaper anywhere else. (I’ve tried and can’t find Gold Cheaper). A 5 gram Karatbars card works out at €39 per gram for example! 



They can have it stored securely for free or posted home for a small delivery cost. *€13 Euros up to 100grams in Europe. €18.50 outside Europe.



You will earn up to 6% on all purchases in your downline. (Everywhere in your downline!)  There are seven different ways to earn. 


dual system


Earn from your Karatbars affiliate team – Explode your earning potential. 

If your customer decides to also become a promoter /affiliate you will earn money on their business too!


You WILL be sent out your Karatbars Mastercard automatically when you earn €35 and you WILL be paid onto it every Friday …. Just like I am…


Karatbars mastercard


Please Forget about Cyclers, get rich quick schemes and all the other nonsense that’s out there…. THEY WON’T LAST!!


OVER 3500+ High Yield Interest programs have gone bust in the past 24 months!


Want proof?   See  http://www.hyipexplorer.com/blacklist/


If you want to make money online or offline you need a REAL PRODUCT!


Gold is a real product, is a truly massive market and you don’t need to explain the product to anyone! Everyone knows what gold is and everyone would like to own some. 




Karatbars Is a Simple Business. 


1. Register on the website for FREE – http://www.karatbars.com/landing/?s=premierteam


2. Upload your ID & buy a package. (Nothing else to pay, no monthly or yearly fees).


3. Share your landing page link every day. (step 1.) (Use IBO Toolbox to do this for free).


4. Ask your referrals to watch the daily webinars – 12pm and 5pm EST. (5pm & 2am UK time)  www.karatbarswebinar.com

business in a box



None of those 4 steps are difficult, none are complicated. 


If you ask people to click your link they will register! FACT.



If you ask people who have registered to watch the webinar or read my blog they will become paid members! FACT!


If you need help you have a FREE mentor with 18 years experience on hand to help you. …..ME!!  😉 


Tel: 00447511650427   Skype myshoppinggenieeurope  or  info@karatbarsuk.com


Karatbars is the right product at the right time. There is no risk to you or to your downlines or customers. It is unique in the marketplace. It is not in Pre-launch its all good to go. All your tools are supplied. You get 24/7 support from both myself and the company.


The only thing you need to decide is whether you want to be part of it and dedicate a few hours per day for 12 weeks to change your life.

Read ALL of my Karatbars Blog posts from week 1 HERE  and start your week 1 today!