Karatbars 12 Week Plan – Week 4 Results


I registered for a free account with Karatbars in June and four weeks ago I decided to buy a package and start marketing the business. I checked the company in fine detail, spoke to many existing members and did my due diligence before I did this of course.


The lack of anything even remotely negative about this company is amazing! Great company, great support, unique product, no competition, fully functional in 85 countries and pays everyone every Friday on their award winning Mastercard.


* Which arrived in the post as promised!


Karatbars mastercard

The Karatbars 12 Week Plan

I decided to join Karatbars as a silver package member which cost me €249 and with this I received a fantastic marketing package in the post including bonus cards, discount cards, brochures and my first actual Karatbars Card.

My Karatbars Card



Karatbars have a 12 week plan which shows how you can find two affiliates and in 12 weeks you could be earning $4500 per week. This depends on duplication and your affiliates copying what you do…



Karatbars Bronze Plan


My “plan” was to focus myself for 12 weeks and in that time I wanted to build a team of 24 personal affiliates.

This is only 2 new affiliates per week. I am teaching this plan to my downlines as it doesn’t rely on just two affiliates.


The plan is just that… a goal, a guide a target… It doesn’t affect your business in any way if you miss it one week. 


Remember too…


As an affiliate you do not NEED to recruit anyone, you can simply introduce customers and earn an income from the gold they save or the products the BUY!




100 Customers saving 1 gram of gold per week would earn you at least €700 or $1000 er month.

Customers can buy anything fro 1 gram, 2.5 gram, 5 gram cards as well as branding cards and much more. There are many things your customers will buy..



You can see these in The Karatbars Shop –  https://www.karatbars.com/shop/?s=premierteam

Karatbars 5Gram karatbars 2.5Gram


Solely building a customer network is an option but not what what I teach.


There is an opportunity now to build the affiliate network and earn $1000+ per week within a few months!


It will be more difficult to find new affiliates in 12 months time when everyone has already seen the opportunity.


Eveyone I speak to now has NOT heard about Karatbars and I intend making use of this golden time to easily build a network.




Affiliates will also become customers so you kill two birds with one stone anyway.


Week 4 Results – Total Group. 







As you can see I have personally sponsored 32 people now and out of these 9 people have upgraded to silver package members. My target by now is 8 so I am one ahead.


This team of 32 have gone on to build a total team of over 80 which just shows how easy Karatbars is to replicate.



Some people are following my blog waiting to see proof of results. Some people are saving the money to upgrade so I know that more of the 32 will join in the coming weeks!


My Karatbars Commissions….  


Everyone wants to know how all this translates into hard cash and over €500 return on a €249 spend 4 weeks ago is over 100% profit!





Could you find two people per week to join Karatbars? 

I could probably have done much more but I have just got married, my car has blown up, I have three other businesses to run, over 1000 people i help on Skype, a very ill wife and my brother staying with me on holiday for a week.


I have all the excuses in the world but I CHOOSE not to use them!

Finding Referrals For Karatbars

This is the easiest business to find referrals for. There is no negativity on the internet and you can do the whole Karatbars Scam bit if you like. You won’t find anything worth bothering about.

Someone showed me that you can buy a gram a few euros cheaper on another site today… but the minimum order is 25!

Karatbars is simply swapping paper money for a better currency. No risk to you or to your customers. 


If you want to find referrals just let people see the video...

You get a free landing page just use it…


I 100% Guaranteed that if you show 10 people that video at least 1 will register.

The best place to advertise your links is on IBO Toolbox    —  100% FREE to register with and like Facebook for business owners.

Register here –>> http://www.ibotoolbox.com/teinvited3.aspx?jid=38800

Blogging to find Karatbars affiliates and customers  –

If you have the time and $25 per month you should set up a blog for only $25 / £17 per month!  Just pick a username, pay the $25 and start writing..

Register Here –> http://www.pureleverage.com/prelaunch/join_now.php?id=premierteam

Nothing to write is no excuse… You just need to keep an eye on my blog and get your ideas from there…



Karatbars banner


Once people contact you just ask them to watch the daily webinar  so you don’t need to do any selling either…   12pm and 5pm EST 




There is also a recording of it on my YouTube channel…  All bases/excuses are covered…

Karatbars Training Videos And Webinar  HERE

There is nothing easier than Karatbars. Everything is done for you. If people have questions put them on to me… I’m happy to speak to people for you.

You know what you have to do to get started, you get 24/7 support from me, you know where to find referrals… it’s only up to whether you want to put a little effort in.



Week 4 Karatbars Plan Conclusion


I could have done nothing four weeks ago and just be four weeks older now.


I did decide to buy a Karatbars Silver Package, I have a fantastic growing business, a few grams of gold saved, a gram of gold in my wallet and I get paid every Friday for my work!



I show at least 10 people my landing page every day… that’s all….



If you need help, have questions, need banners, links advice.. etc…



Get on email, Skype, Phone, Viber, Facebook… Telephone and ask for my help… That’s what i’m here for…






Skype   myshoppinggenieeurope



Telephone   UK Freephone  0800 0488 131 



Tel: Mobile  004475 11 650 427 



Karatbars banner