The Karatbars Exclusive VIP Package

Karatbars VIP

There are many different levels you can join Karatbars at from “FREE” to Bronze, €99…. Silver, €249….. Gold €595, VIP 1595 and finally VIP Exclusive €7550.

Each pack comes with more gold, bonus cards, discount cards and higer commissions.

Contents of the Karatbars Exclusive VIP package are as follows:



• 20 x 100 € bonus cards
• 40 x 100 € digital bonus codes
• 3 x 10% bonus cards
• 15 x 3% digital bonus codes
• 5 grams of gold
• Brochures
• 300 x € 5 bonus codes for the following products:
– Exclusive wooden box
– All T-Shirts
– Champagne
– Special Gold Cards (I love you, Happy Birthday, etc.



Karatbars VIP


Please note that all digital codes are available via an USB stick“
Please refer to your back office for the current Exclusive Package price

Of course it is possible to upgrade from other package levels to the VIP Exclusive.
As you can see, the Value content of the package clearly exceeds the cost of the purchase price.

Increase your revenue by winning new customers through utilizing the unique bonus codes and discount system.

Karatbars Exclusive VIP 

In addition, when you purchase the Exclusive VIP package we will now offer you a “Profit Pool share” in our newly created Karatbars International World pool, where you will be able to participate in Karatbars International’s total global turnover. This also now creates the opportunity for an additional residual income in the future.


Karatbars Profit Pool Share

Details are as follows:
Generation of the pool: All commission generated by Karatbars International worldwide.
20 Cents Euro for every gram sold


The pool is limited to 10,000 shares.
A share is obtained by:
1. Purchasing the Exclusive VIP Package
2. An accumulated purchase of 300 Special Edition Gold cards before 31. 12. 2013
3. An accumulated purchase of 1,000 classic Karatbars gold cards before 31.12.2013

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Karatbars VIP

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