Karatbars – Make Money by Saving Money

I have been working in online business for over ten years and have seen many different types of opportunity.

Companies like Visalus and Herballife sell health products, Avon sell cosmetics and many online companies now sell advertising.

Along Comes Karatbars! – A New Concept and a fantastic idea.

I have been following Karatbars for over six month now and in fact I did a review on the business a few months ago. See my Karatbars review HERE

Karatbars does not ask you to buy a product, just take some of your paper money and exchange it for gold.

Take Money from your left pocket and put it in your right! Rather than putting €50 per week/month in the bank put €50 per week/month into gold.


The reason people have never done this before is that you couldn’t buy gold in small enough amounts!

 This is now possible with the brilliant Karatbars card




With this card you can now buy 1 Gram amounts of gold for around $65  / €48

You can login to the back office and set up a monthly savings amount, buy $200 / $500 $5000 worth if you want!

Exchange your Paper Money For Currency Grade Gold!

This is currency grade gold and with everything that is happening with the banks this is a fantastic opportunity for people to protect their savings!!

Gold has NEVER  gone down in value over time… only up whereas paper money has! In fact by the time you pay tax and bank charges you are losing money on your savings!!

The price goes up and down on the Karatbars website daily to reflect the price that day!

Have a look at how you can save with Karatbars now –> http://www.karatbars.com/?s=premierteam




So how is Karatbars a Business?

There are many ways to earn with Karatbars which are all explained in the short video below.   These are the main ways….

1. You can register now for free and get your own “gold shop” to promote!  You can make money by generating customers who buy things from your shop.


2. You can also register on the site and buy a package! These packages allow you to make money by building your own network of customers!

This includes two different compensation plans including a unilevel AND a binary. I have been through the entire compensation plan and it is brilliant… easy to follow and there is nothingthere to trip you up.

Karatbars Packages include brochures and Karatbars cards which you can show to potential customers.

Karatbars Packages

Packages start at just €99 or $130 for a bronze and I have purchased a Silver package which I paid €249 for through the site!

Gold   Karatbars International         Karatbars

The different Karatbars packages just mean you earn more commissions from your network.

I will upgrade as I start making money in the coming weeks. I recommend starting with a package you are comfortable with.

How do I start Making Money With Karatbars?

The great thing is that Karatbars have developed a fantastic twelve week plan… And it only involves you finding two customers per week for twelve weeks.

Find two people per week and ask them to start saving $65 , €45 with Karatbars instead of in the Bank!!

This is how the Karatbars plan works when you buy the Silver Package…

How does $17,000 sound to you??




Where do you find these Karatbars customers?

That’s where joining my Karatbars team comes in!

I will show you where you can find the customers quickly and easily!  And for FREE… before you ask!

Then when you have found your potential customers all you need to do is ask them to watch our daily Karatbars Webinars which are at 12pm EST  (5PM LONDON)  & 9pm EST – 2AM LONDON


So all you have to do then is buy your package… and tell people to sit at their computer every day at 5pm.

Once they see the webinar the WILL want to join and can register under you! After 5 -6 weeks you will be confident enough to do it yourself but if not just use the webinars!

Karabars Marketing Suite!

If you are an internet marketer like me you can set up the Karatbars marketing suite which has EVERYTHING  you need to promote Karatbars to the world…

Banners, landing pages, statistics, emails, letters, solo ads… EVERYTHING!!

You can just buy your own domain name for $2.50 and its all ready to go… Check out my Karabars marketing suite here –



Pure leverage

So do you want to make $17,000 by November?

The Karatbars plan involves introducing two new people per week…  I am going for five per week! Karatbars is at the very very start of its product life cycle!  Fish – Barrel!! 

You could be the best vinly record salesman but no one will want to buy your records! Why not??… Because they have been replaced by cassette, then cd, and now downloads! Everything has a product life cycle…




The time is right for Karatbars!

Enjoy the fact that Karatbars is new, has no competition, it is the right time for this business and you are just helping people save their money in a more secure way!

This is a very very secure and professional business! I’m just waiting on my Silver pack to arrive in the post! Karatbars use FEDEX…I will add a video and some pictures when I receive them…




What next?

1. Register… Its FREE…  http://www.karatbars.com/?s=premierteam

2. Watch this ten minute Karatbars Video…. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aWSQhvgXuO0  (Below)

3. Buy a Package Bronze, silver, gold, vip.

4. Call/Skype/email me for a chat! Lets get you started on the 12 week plan and make sure you have a great Christmas…

support@onlinecompanyreview.com    Skype myshoppinggenieeurope  Tel: 00447511 650427

Supprt desk is open seven days a week from 9am-10pm  :)

Karatbars Video

Karatbars banners


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